SALE Favourites

Autumn is around the corner! Have you taken advantage of the SUMMER SALE that is going on around the net?
The other day I snapped a lovely cardigan from BANNED Clothing for under 30€, which is very cheap compared to the price they have in shops in my city. That’s why I always try to buy online, there are lots of discounts and deals!
I have searched a bit on the net and came across beautiful garments which now are at reduced prices. I wish I could grab them all, but I need to save money for my future plans. Moreover, all the items I like are out of stock in my size 😦
These two Hell Bunny cardigans placed above are to die for! I am absolutely in love with the birdcage cardigan in pink, but unfortunately my size is out of stock. They are £22 each at Audrey Stars Boutique, so make sure to visit their shop!

One of my all time favourite clothing lines, Collectif, is also having a sale on their website. They have tons of dresses, tops and cardigans at reduced prices, like these two beauties. Lindy Bop is also having a huge sale, with many types of dresses and skirts to choose from. Dresses at £22.99…What else can we say?

Collectif Reno Summer Western shirt (21.90€)

Collectif Jo Cardigan (24.50€)

Lindy Bop Eloise Red Tartan Pencil Dress (£22.99)
Lindy Bop Concetta Wiggle Dress (£26.99)
Plus check this beauty from Trollied Dolly. Isn’t it cute? 

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