Alberto Vargas and the pin up world

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As you may have noticed, I am an art nerd. I’ve always loved visiting museums and wandering through art galleries, just for the fun of it. Art gives me power and brings me happiness. When I first got into vintage, way back in my teens, I discovered the beautiful illustrations made by artists such as Gil Elvgren, Jon Whitcomb and Alberto Vargas. They have inspired me so much since I was a weird teenager interested in old things rather than dating boys and partying, and I owe this to my grandma, who used to collect illustrations. 

Alberto Vargas (1896-1982) was a Peruvian artist who became famous due to his pin up illustrations in the 1940s. His type of illustrating young women would be soon coin the term “Vargas Girls”, because of his type of creative work and palette of colours. He also illustrated celebrities from the era and made several collaborations with magazines, such as Esquire and Playboy. I love the design of his pin up girls: very neat, simple but detailed at the same time.

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