Joan Holloway and her style evolution

My favorite tv show of all time, Mad Men, came back yesterday for its final seven episodes. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end.
Since I am a total nerd of the show, I decided to make a blog post about one of my favorite characters, Joan Holloway. She’s a total babe, and one of the reasons why I dyed my hair red. Yes, am not joking!
From the very first scene, we can clearly see that her outfits embrace their curves. She’s always wearing fitted dresses, which mark their hourglass figure.

Doesn’t matter the occasion: she’s always flawless and sexy. Her character styles 1950s dresses with a 1960s twist, due to her figure. There is no doubt that 1950s and early 1960s fashion fits her best. 
And she never leaves her pendant, which styles nearly everyday with her blouses and dresses to emphasize her curves. 
The two final seasons of the show show us a character that, despite the fashion of the era, tries to fit in a decade that is constantly changing. She adapts her wardrobe a bit, but still wears fitted dresses. 
Hope you have a great start of the week, and If you’re fans of the show, enjoy the final episodes! x

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