Problems that only vintage girls will understand

Lately I’ve been thinking on many aspects of dealing with a vintage life in the modern world. And while I’ve been getting more involved in the scene and got to know more vintage ladies like me, I’ve come to discover than many of us vintage ladies happen to experience several problems related with our lifestyle. So that’s why I’ve done this quick and short list with some of the most common problems for vintage gals out there. 

You never have too many dresses. NEVER. Your obsession to buy more clothes and accessorize is not understood by other people.

Finding the perfect shoes seems impossible. But when you find them, you’d wear these beauties even on your pajamas.

You seem to have a problem with stockings. They don’t last longer than a year. I guess it’s because I wear them very often…
Dressing up for no reason is your daily motto. And you feel everyone’s eyes on you: doesn’t matter where you go, everyone seems to study your whole outfit.

You’ve been told at least once “how bad were things for women back in the day”, as if you agreed with these conditions just because you wear like someone from those days. We know how were conditions back in the day. Mad Men accurately reflects it. 
You are always on the hunt for lingerie bargains, and dream of owning the whole collection by Dita von Teese. If you don’t already own a thing. 

What do you think? Miss any problem you experience as a vintage lady? Feel free to comment and I will include it! 

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