Why Do I Dress Like This?

Sometimes I’ve been asked randomly on the street where am I going wearing what I wear on a daily basis. Some in a rude way, others with interest, but they all assume I am dressing up for a reason, when the truth is, I dress for myself and because I do it that way every day.
Modern society has come up with the idea that you have to wear like others do, like all do and following the trends that brands dictate, and then someone who does that in a different way, they are considered weird. I like to dress vintage clothes or reproduction clothes because I feel more embraced than in “modern day” garments. Also because I have always been interested in past decades and fashion from the 20th century, rather than 21st century clothing. Doesn’t matter the occasion – for vintage events, concerts, a stroll in the park or going to work -, I always dress like a 1950s/1960s babe. 
I am a shy person and have always been one, so dressing inspired by the 1950s and 1960s has helped me a lot to accept myself. Although it’s been difficult – at first I didn’t want to dress in vintage and vintage inspired influenced by what others would say about me – but now I’m happy with who I am and the way I dress. Modeling has also helped me boost my self esteem. 
I don’t do it only for the aesthetics, because I consider the vintage lifestyle my way of life, since I was a little girl. I listen to rockabilly and soul music and anything from yesteryear, and have always dreamt of living in another decade. I guess I’m an old soul. 
I felt I needed to do this blog post. I feel empowered and embraced, happy with myself – with all its flaws yes! – and I am determined to be who I am and dress the way I do until I die. No one will be able to change that. 
Have you ever had problems for wearing vintage? xx

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