Awkward Creepy Encounters

Today I start a new series of blog posts about awkward encounters with people that don’t understand my way of life and the way I dress. I’ve entitled them Awkward Creepy Encounters because that’s what I think they are. So get ready to see what I experience on a regular basis.

This just happened to me last Friday, after leaving work just in time to have lunch. I was on my way to a restaurant near my office when I saw a teenager with an adult woman who I suppose was her mother.
Teenager: “Look at her!” – and started laughing and tried to hide with no effort. The adult woman standing next to her stared at me and laughed.
Shortly after that, I asked them if they had any problem with me, with just a “No” as an answer. But they kept laughing, especially the teenager who didn’t even bother to hide it.
 I don’t like how you dress either but I don’t judge you for it nor say it out loud. How rude! – and I left.
Although sadly I am used to being constantly judged on the street by complete strangers, I couldn’t help but get mad at that episode.

Someone who doesn’t teach their kids to respect others’ appearance  clearly is not a good parent. How are we supposed to live in a society whose people laugh at others just by the way they dress, and even say those comments out loud?

I mean everyone has their own opinions about others, and we are constantly judged by the outside. But we should all be respectful and don’t say those nasty things. And what an example that a teen says those things in front of their parents and they don’t even bother to tell her that it is wrong to do so!

This is not the first time that I’ve been told or laughed at for who I am. And I don’t care about others’ opinions of me, but I just don’t understand why women have to tear other women down instead of just respect and empower each other.

I just wanted to write down this episode, and not all awkward creepy encounters are going to be negative. I’ve been approached by complete strangers to compliment me for my looks or even ask me about my style. 

Have a great start of the week and remember to be yourselves! 

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