A 1950s life with a smartphone

Last month I did a guest post for Hard Headed Women, a blog in spanish about feminism, vintage aesthetics and other stuff. So I decided to post about it in English for my foreign readers!
As someone who dresses and looks like it has stepped out of a movie set, I often get told “to be 100% authentic, you shouldn’t be using a phone”. The other day I read in the news about a british woman who lives in a house from the late 30s and keeps everything as if it still were 1939. I got really annoyed after seeing rude comments of users criticising her. What’s wrong about wanting to live in the past but also being part of the 21st century? 
Personally and Professionally speaking, I love social media, and I’m a daily and avid user of them. I can’t live without Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. And I like to dress vintage inspired because that’s how I want to dress and look like. I hope to live in a midcentury house someday, own a tiki room for myself and hope tht my boyfriend will drive a Cadillac in the future. Does that make me old fashioned and too old to post on social media? Of course not.

Internet has played a key role in my life. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook I found that there were girls that, just like me, are fascinated by past decades and aim to dress like that everyday. The Rockabilly and Vintage Scene is huge thanks to social media and digital groups created to gather enthusiasts from all parts of the world. 

I’m sick of hearing nasty comments about my appearance and the way I use social media. And I’m sure that those of you who have also been told these things have also heard comments regarding feminism. I know that women and other collectives had less rights back in the day, but because I dress like someone from the 1950s that doesn’t make me racist nor sexist. Wish people knew before judging. 

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