Beach babes in October


Can you tell these photos were taken in October?
A couple of weekends ago photographer Artsobu took these spectacular and yet fun photos of Patricia von Gray and me at the beach.

At first I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about a beach shoot in October. Spain is known for its hot weather, but I never thought I would go to the beach in October. 

I’ve always thought of having a beach photoshoot but never managed to get in action. But when I saw that photographer Artsobu was looking for models for a project inspired in 1950s fashion editorials, I couldn’t resist! The result is – as you can see – utterly amazing. 
I love the editing of the photos, creating a vintage vibe to them. We’re both styling Lady Luck’s Boutique hair accessories as well as Audrey Stars Boutique bamboo bangles.


I’ve owned this vintage inspired swimsuit for years but never photographed it. Believe it or not, it’s from women’secret. 


Make Up was by Montse Fuentes, who created a classic pin up look with summer and navy vibes. Perfect for the shoot!


All photos by Artsobu. 
More coming up soon! 

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