Vintage Illustrators: Josh Agle (Shag)

There are many artists from yesteryear that have caught my eye, and also some from the 21st century that definitely could belong to the 50s and 60s. Today I’m going to show you the artwork of Josh Agle, also known as Shag. This North-American illustrator is popular in the rockabilly and vintage scene, and it quite clear why.

Shag is a painter and artist currently located in Southern California. Fascinated by the mid-century era and also very critic with consumerism, his artwork reflects the lives of rich people in the 50s and 60s.

His a artwork reminds me of the tv series Mad Men, don’t you agree?
Exhibitions of his art have been held in many countries, such as Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom. There’s a Shag House in California where visitors can buy and see in person Shag’s creations.

You can read more about Shag on his official website.

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