Vintage Illustrators: Sheardo


Instagram can be a powerful channel to showcase your art, and also a source of inspiration for artists from all over the world. The pin up community on Instagram sure has heard of Sheardo, australian pin up and illustrator known for his 50s inspired creations.

Also known as Mark Sheard, he has been working in the animation industry for years, specialising in digital animation and alternative/pin up illustration.


I came across his art last year during one of his Instagram giveaways, and as a comic book nerd, I instantly fell in love with his style! I nearly fainted when I found out Sheardo drew me in November! He kindly sent the artwork to me, and now it is framed and hanging on my bedroom wall. I love it so much!

Sheardo has drawn other fellow pin up girls such as Curvecreation, Miss Victory Violet and Miss Rockabilly Ruby. He recently did a splendid artwork for Pinupindustry featuring pin up instagrammers from all shapes, styles and nationalities to show how empowering the pin up community can be.


Many artists have been inspired by Instagram accounts from all over the globe, and I always freak out when someone uses me as reference to create art. It’s amazing.

Hope you liked my post and feel free to follow Sheardo on Instagram and contact him for a commission! You won’t regret it.

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