In my boudoir [Glitter and the moon]

If you follow me on my Facebook page I’m sure you’ve recently read about my intention to try to get involved in more “risqué” photoshoots. By that I mean boudoir and lingerie photoshoots as a way to express myself. And today I’m showing you the satin robe of my dreams by Glitter and the moon. I’m sad to write that this business is no longer open 😦

I have always loved the concept of a boudoir – a woman’s own private area/space to get ready and be in her foundations -. Taking inspiration from burlesque queen Dita von Teese and classic Hollywood starlets, I decided to do a photoshoot in a satin robe.

And let me say that this black satin robe from Glitter and the moon is just perfect. Before closing down, this British business offered beautiful satin robes, knickers and garments for vintage babes. You could also get it personalized with your own name or design.

It’s sad to see how hard it is to compete in a market where people prefer low cost fashion. Independent designers and companies struggle to succeed, that’s why I always try to buy from these type of businesses instead of giving more money to mass-production companies. Here I’m also featuring the What Katie Did Maitresse Bullet Bra in black. I bought it earlier this year and it has become a favorite.

I might order more later this year – I’m already saving up for Black Friday! -. Suspender belts are also a favorite of mine, especially during colder weather. I’m wearing the What Katie Did Maitresse 6 Strap Suspender Belt with H&M stockings.

To be honest, I never imagined I would post something on my blog such as this: I’ve always felt insecure about my body and after years struggling to feel better about myself, now I finally feel good. Photography has helped me to accept who I am, and I couldn’t feel more grateful. We all have flaws: we’re all human! 

Photos by David Durand

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