You Know That I’m No Good [The Original Bad Girl]


It’s more fun to be a bad girl. I’ve always had a fascination for vintage vixens, pencil skirts and pointy bras, all served with a fabulous cocktail on a martini glass. And that’s what The Original Bad Girl is all about.

Are you a fan of classic Hollywood vixens such as Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and Julie Newmar? Then you’ll love the t-shirts by Australian brand The Original Bad Girl. Please note they are not a reproduction company: they design and create their t-shirts locally in Sydney, Australia.

Their aesthetics is very much inspired by pulp artists, 1940s starlets and 1950s/1960s vixens. T-shirts have become a must have in my wardrobe lately, and with these unique designs I won’t feel out of my “vintage vibe” comfort zone. Here I’m wearing the She’s Bad! Tee with a pair of black capris.


Designed by one of my favourite vintage inspired illustrators, Sveta Has, this tee really captures my inner bad girl side. My vintage bangles are from Los Flamingo and my gold hoop earrings from Desperate Beatnik.


The Original Bad Girl Tee is another classic design from the Australian brand. I’m wearing the size M and fits like a dream! Here I’m matching this design with Splendette and Los Flamingo bangles. 


To be honest, this is my first photoshoot done in a studio. I have experience in outdoor photography and it was about time to do a different one. I love how photographer Raquel Olivera captured my inner bad girl side as well as my natural beauty. It’s impossible not to laugh during a photoshoot! 🙂



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All photos by Raquel Olivera


Disclaimer: Whilst these t-shirts were gifted to me by The Original Bad Girl, all opinions expressed are my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog are very important to me, as are my readers. 

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