Miss Sixties Twist for El Costurero Real

Last month I got the chance to model for El Costurero Real, a Barcelona based clothing brand specialised in fantasy garments. If, like me, you are a big fan of fairytales and the Victorian era, then you’ve come to the right place.

Based in Barcelona, El Costurero Real create unique pieces such as capes, robes, long dresses and even fantasy wings. They even create custom wedding dresses! This year they are releasing their first ever pret a porter collection, something that means pencil skirts, maxi dresses and more! I was super lucky to work with one of my favourite photographers, the wonderful Alassie. She’s a pro and is the woman behind the fantastic designs of El Costurero Real.

It’s good to be back to shooting in the city centre. I even felt like some kind of celebrity because many strangers took photographs of our shoot. Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is one of the most popular areas in the city and it’s easy to know why. Feels like stepping back in time!

I’m wearing some of their new skirt designs for the upcoming Spring and Summer 2018 season. They are all made of high quality materials and offer a very feminine look. Here I’m featuring their velvet pencil skirt in emerald green, probably my favourite colour of this design.

I really love the atmosphere of this photo shoot, which mixes the vintage aesthetic with a modern twist. The pencil skirt is also available in red.

And for those who prefer swing and looser skirts, there’s also a different version of this velvet design. You can purchase it in turquoise or in red. 

Make sure to visit their shop, you will fall in love with all their garments!

By the way, I’m currently looking for sponsors, photographers and brands to work with while I’m in California and Nevada in April. If you are interested, make sure to drop me an email at sixtiestwist@gmail.com

Photography by Alassie

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