The Ultimate Pin Up Girl’s Guide To Packing For The USA

Nobody said the pin up girl life would be easy, especially when you have to pack to travel abroad. And by abroad I mean somewhere far away from where you live. To me, this means the United States of America. Since I’m travelling to California and Nevada in April and I’m already planning everything in order to fit everything in one (maybe two!) suitcases, I thought it would be good to write a blog post with some packing tips. So here they go!

First of all, use a packing list

I highly recommend you this one created by Alice Negri, the amazing illustrator behind my blog header. Packing lists are perfect to ensure you don’t forget anything at home. Moreover, they are fun to do and are part of the preparations for the big trip.

Plan most of your outfits accordingly

Though one, I know…But at least try to stay organised. If, like me, you plan on buying new clothes during the trip and don’t want to run out of space on your suitcase, try to not bring many outfits. I’d also suggest to bring two piece outfits so that you can mix and match them during a couple of days. Or even longer.

Be prepared for all types of weather conditions

Cardigans can be your best friend when travelling abroad. You never know how the weather may turn out, and even if the forecast will be sun during all your trip…Make sure to bring some cardigans. They can help you avoid catching a cold indoors due to the air conditioning. Pack an umbrella or parasol to protect your skin (and hair!) from the sun and rain.

Try to pack shoes that go with everything

It’s pretty obvious that you cannot bring all your shoes with you. When I travel I only pick 2 or 3 pairs of shoes because I usually buy new ones during my holidays. When you plan your outfits try to choose those that match with your favourite and most comfortable shoes.

Bring an additional bag or small suitcase

It’s a great idea for those who want to spend money on new clothes or other stuff. I plan on bringing an additional bag with me so I can store clothes and personal belongings I don’t want to leave on the plane. It’s important to check your airline luggage and hand luggage measurements. You don’t want to have to pay for an extra suitcase…

Take your beauty essentials with you and buy the rest once you get to your destination

Why worry about beauty products when you can have more space in your suitcase during the flight? Airport safety rules and baggage weight can get in the way so only take your essentials with you. My basics include makeup foundation, concealer, eyeliner, sunscreen, moisturiser and makeup remover. You can buy the rest of the products needed once you arrive in the country. Easy peasy!

Bring medicine with you

Having a low inmune system due to genetics has made me realize how important it is to bring medication and cold/flu pills everytime I go on holiday. Be prepared because you never know what may happen. I recommend to bring flu pills, air drops, band aids and digestive tea. These are my essentials when traveling abroad.

Hope you find this post useful, every time I travel to the USA I like to make the most of it. Safe travels!


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