Tropical Dreams [Rock n Romance]

I’m a sucker for anything with hawaiian print. And when it comes to spring/summer clothes, I like to wear comfortable dresses like the Charlene Shirtwaister Dress from Rock n Romance.  

I have to admit that it’s become one of my favorite spring/summer dresses, and it’s easy to know why.

I’m finally back from my USA trip – which included stops in stunning places such as Palm Springs and Las Vegas – and I knew I had to pack this beautiful dress for the desert heat. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it on my stories in Palm Springs, definitely the tropical city of my dreams. And that’s why photographer PaulaCC Photo and I decided to shoot this design in an exotic park in Barcelona!

Rock n Romance is a family company based in the United Kingdom. The owners, Charlene and Mike, share a passion for the 1940s, 1950s and anything vintage. Either dresses, jumpsuits, skirts or any type of accessory, you’ll find special items at their online shop!  They also offer international shipping.

The Charlene Shirtwaister dress is a reproduction design from Rock n Romance inspired in the late 1940s and early 1950s day dresses. It’s very well made, comfortable and perfect to wear during the day, especially if your pair it with bamboo accessories like these from Lady Luck’s Boutique. This dress comes with a matching bandana and can also be purchased in different prints. It’s hard to decide which one is more beautiful! 

In terms of sizing, I’d say the dress fits well on the bust area but it’s big on the waist. I’m usually between size 10 and size 12 and after looking at their size chart, I decided to go for a 12. I’m in love with the silhouette of the dress: it sure gives you a vintage look! The material isn’t stretchy so make sure to get your measurements right, especially on the bust area.

Hope you liked today’s post! What’s your favourite tropical theme? Mine has to be, without doubt, Hawaiian flowers.

Photos by PaulaCC Photo

Disclaimer: Whilst these items were gifted to me by Rock n Romance, all opinions expressed are my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog are very important to me, as are my readers. 

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