Friday Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot

One of my ultimate inspirations is the singer and actress Brigitte Bardot, who turns 80 this month. She was discovered young, during her teens, and soon became an European star in french films during the 50s and the 60s. She refused to go to Hollywood, and after becoming a sex icon in the mid 60s due to her romance with singer Serge Gainsbourg, she retired from the Film industry. From that moment until present, she dedicates her entire life to animal rights. She also founded a fundraising association to defend animals worldwide. She refused to age through the lens, and decided to dedicate all her power and influence to those who suffer the most: animals.

If you want to get into her filmography, make sure to check And God Created Woman and Le Mépris, probably her most popular films.

Bathing Beauties: the 60s are here!

Last post of my Bathing Beauties series: the 60s! 
Last weekend of August, gosh! 
It’s quite hot in here, though, so beach season is not over yet where I live. 
The 60s were the years of the bikini. It was a huge success from the very first moment it came out. Women would no longer have to cover all their bodies and could sunbath more effectively. Being tanned would soon become hip, especially in the mid 60s and early 70s.
Probably the most famous shot from the James Bond series in the 60s is the iconic pic of Ursula Andress on a white bikini. 
In the States, young people in the East Coast were often seen with surf boards and riding vans, which later would become part of the hippie movement.
Enjoy the pics!

Favourite Redheads

Hello lovelies! How’s it going?
I will become a redhead in the next few days and lately I have been seeking for inspiration to get the perfect tone. Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of becoming one, but never were brave enough to try it. So just to let you know that you will no longer see the light brown haired girl on here 😉
Although I am officially on holidays and I have free time for myself, I won’t be posting on here that often. I need to settle up my life right now and start the official preparations for my Etsy shop, which will be up soon. (Excuse the delay!)

The first time I started my obsession with ginger people was when I read the Harry Potter books. I have been a nerd all my life, you see. I wanted to be a Weasley and be different from other people. Later on, my passion for red haired people would increase with Mad Men, which has become my favorite tv show and one of the reasons why I got into vintage. From the very first moment I saw the stunning Christina Hendricks on screen I knew I had to be like her. Not only her curvy shape encouraged me to feel confident about my body, so did her hair, which inspired me so much.
I could name many other actresses and movie stars that have inspired me through my life, and many of them had/have read hair: Maureen O’Hara, Ann-Margret, Joan Crawford and Clara Bow, to name just a few.
Red hair has always been associated with passion, romanticism and sexuality, three aspects that are key in women. Classic Hollywood starlets with red hair often portrayed adventurous and provocative women, while brunettes and blondes would be seen as naive, virginal or cold blooded. Luckily those stereotypes have changed in film industry.

So who’s your favorite redhead?


Friday inspiration: Ann-Margret

She is probably one of the most beautiful redheads from the big screen. I didn’t know much about her until I saw her on a Mad Men episode. She definitely caught my attention, and Don Draper’s as well.
Ann-Margret is a singer and actress born in Sweden that at earlier age moved to the US, where she would start a successful career. Although she first wanted to be a singer, her voice didn’t convince music producers, so she soon appeared on the big screen.
She became a sex icon after starring with Elvis Presley in Viva las Vegas, where they both heat up the screen. If you haven’t seen the film, you’re terribly late. Look at those moves…they sure became more than friends! 😉

She explored her sexy side, and despite her short height, she became a sex symbol of the decade. Her red hair is now iconic, as well as her appreciation for animals.
Have a great weekend! x

I’m a Hula Girl

Aloha! Pehea ‘oukou?

I’m fine, let’s just say. Really looking forward to the end of July so that I can enjoy my holidays in the sun, although I dislike sunbathing. At least I will be able to rest a bit, get some sleep and spend time with my friends without rushing.

I have wanted to write this post for a long time, but I thought It would suit better in July or August, so here it comes.
Many 1950s and 1960s fanatics are really into the Hawaiian and Tiki scene. As an European and coming from a country with lots of prejudice and closemindness, this is quite hard to adopt, but not impossible. I love 1940s and 1950s photographs from young couples wearing their tiki garments in the US. The fascination for tropical scenarios and traditions began in the 1940s, shortly after WWII. And since then, tropical flowers, tiki statues and surf sounds can be seen (and heard) all around the world.
I have owned this amazing vintage romper since last year, when I travelled across southern USA. I fell in love from the very first moment I saw it; I knew it had to be mine. & moreover, it is a vintage garment from the 60s! 🙂

By the way, If you’re into 50s inspired music bands, check The Hula Girls. They play rock and roll, surf and tiki music, so feel free to give them a try. You won’t regret it, I promise! Turn the volume up and sing with me: Hawaii…is not that far away!

What I’m wearing:
Vintage Romper from Ragdoll NOLA
Shoes from Charo Fernandez
Hair and Make Up by me

Bathing Beauties through decades

It’s really getting so hot in here. Especially if you live near the beach, which is my case. Summer is that time of the year when you just want to look cute and comfy at the same time wearing dresses and colorful skirts. And what about the swimwear?
I am presenting you all a new series of blog posts about bathing beauties through history. Every week I’ll be posting inspirational photos from the past, each week centered on a specific decade. 

This week I am showing you some of pics of beach life in the 1910s.
As you can see on the photographs, in the early 1910s women used to wear large suits that covered their bodies, but later swimsuits were modernized and more daring, especially on young girls, who would coin the term “flapper” later in the 1920s.

Special Announcement: Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

If you’re following The Sixties Twist on Facebook, you might already know that I am planning to open an online shop with vintage garments and accessories for women from the 50s, 60s and beyond. If not…You’re welcome! I plan to open a shop on Etsy. I am currently listing items that will be up on there, and I have to admit that I will regret selling some of them, they are beautiful!
I will be posting items on sale on Instagram and on Facebook too, in order to ensure that everybody gets to know these beauties. 
You’ll find:
  • Garments from Spanish designers such as Loewe and Pertegaz
  • Clothing from Europe (French and British designers) and shoes made in Spain. 
  • Fur coats and other garments acquired in the United States in 1960.
All items date from the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. 

Lanvin shirt
Make sure to follow the shop on Instagram @thesixtiestwist for updates! More info coming soon 🙂

Friday Inspiration: Sophia Loren

One of my all time style inspirations is the stunning Sophia Loren. She was a total babe back in the day and still can rock. I hope I can look that fabulous when I’m nearly 80 years old!
She has always been proud of her italian heritage, from portraying charismatic women in American Cinema to showing to the public her mediterranean life with her husband, Carlo Ponti.
Her popularity, along with Marilyn Monroe, made curvy women feel and look sexy.
I haven’t seen many of her films (I know, How could this be possible? haha) but If I had to choose any, I would definitely stick with one in which she shares her thoughts and feelings with the handsome Marcello Mastroianni.
She could rock the femme fatale look and either look like a princess. Lei è unica! 

United Kingdom in the 60s by Bruce Davidson

Hello lovelies!
Since I have been rather busy with university (graduation post coming soon) and planning my first online shop (to open next month), I haven’t had enough time to be on here.

When under stressful conditions, you just need a bit of inspirational stuff to open and clarify your mind, and that’s what I’ve done recently by looking through the Magnum online archives. Magnum is an international photographic coopetative founded in 1947 by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, among others. The best photographers and graphic reporters in history have worked for Magnum, exploring the world through the lens.

A photographer that caught my attention is Bruce Davidson, who photographed the United Kingdom in the 1960s. It is amazing how he showed the demographic difference between the old and the young. Below are some of my favourites pics.


Twirlin’ Day

One of the things I like about wearing skirt is twirling. Isn’t it fantastic when you can play with your clothes and feel like a child again?
Last Friday I got some pics at home while twirling with probably my favorite skirt ever. It had been a stressful week due to finals at university and the internship I am currently in. 
I love flowers, but especially roses. Everyone who knows me well is aware of my rose addiction. I am the Rose Queen! 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Hell Bunny
Shoes: Los Angeles (c/ Comte Borrell, 99, Barcelona)
How is your weekend going? Hope all is well 🙂