Friday inspiration: Jane Fonda

It’s been a while since I last posted about women who inspire me. And today’s featured woman is Jane Fonda. She’s a talented actress who started in the mid 1950s in Hollywood and nowadays, at nearly 80, still works non stop.

I’m really fascinated by her photos in the 1950s and 1960s, but also by her actual looks. She has worked hard in the gym during decades, and at nearly 79 years old she looks better than ever. 
During the 50s and early 60s she posed for fashion magazines and famous editorial photographers, such as Richard Alvedon and Milton Greene. Her fresh beauty back in the day really caught the eye of the society of the moment. She became Barbarella in the 60s, an iconic role that defined an era. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. It’s been a long time since I last posted about Inspirational people! 


Friday Inspiration: Carey Mulligan

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Joven, británica y con mucho estilo. Así es Carey Mulligan, actriz nacida hace 28 años en el Reino Unido. Saltó a la fama por su impresionante papel en An Education, historia basada en hechos reales en el Londres de los años 60. Más recientemente ha participado en Drive, junto a Ryan Gosling, Inside Llewyn Davis y como Daisy Buchanan en The Great Gatsby

Casada con el líder de Mumford & Sons, Carey sigue la moda del momento pero dejándose influenciar por el estilo preppy y chic tan propio de los 60. Su corte garçon ya se ha convertido en un icono.
Young, British and very Stylish. That’s Carey Mulligan, actress born 28 years ago in the United Kingdom. She became a worldwide phenomenon for her brilliant character in An Education, based on true events in 1960’s London. Recently she has appeared in Drive, with Ryan Gosling, Inside Llewyn Davis and as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby
Married to Mumford & Sons‘ frontman, Carey follows today’s fashion with a twist into the preppy and chic look, very popular in the 60s. Her garçon haircut is already iconic.