Bathing Beauties: the 60s are here!

Last post of my Bathing Beauties series: the 60s! 
Last weekend of August, gosh! 
It’s quite hot in here, though, so beach season is not over yet where I live. 
The 60s were the years of the bikini. It was a huge success from the very first moment it came out. Women would no longer have to cover all their bodies and could sunbath more effectively. Being tanned would soon become hip, especially in the mid 60s and early 70s.
Probably the most famous shot from the James Bond series in the 60s is the iconic pic of Ursula Andress on a white bikini. 
In the States, young people in the East Coast were often seen with surf boards and riding vans, which later would become part of the hippie movement.
Enjoy the pics!