Spring Flowers

Last Sunday I had a meal with my family. The weather turned out nice, so why not pose for the camera?
Since the weather in my country is mostly sunny and warm, flowers in my garden are all blooming. Aren’t they beautiful?

What I Wore: a Tatyana Boutique pink shirt I bought in Nashville last year and my new skirt from Hell Bunny. I am so in love with it, even though I’ve only worn it twice! ❤
Hell Bunny is probably my new favorite vintage inspired brand: cool designs, rockabilly styled garments and the price is cheaper than other brands. The fabric is quite simple, but consistent. I would definitely recommend you all to get something from them, their stuff is gorgeous!

Have a lovely week y’all xx

Berlin Adventures

Primero de todo, mil disculpas por la falta de actividad en el blog. Hace unos días volví de Berlín, capital de Alemania y también capital de los hipsters. Es una ciudad hipermoderna, cool y muy urbana. Además, está llena de historia: justamente este año 2014 se cumplen 25 años de la caída del muro que separaba la ciudad. La parte oeste de Berlín es muy europea, con anchas avenidas y edificios de estilo neoclásico. La parte este, al contrario, es austera y gris, con edificios funcionales y muy cuadriculados.

Lo mejor: la comida, el transporte público y la gente
Lo peor: el incivismo de algunos y el tiempo


First of all, my apologies on the lack of activity on the blog. A few days ago I came back from Berlin, capital of Germany and hipster city. It is very modern, cool and urban. Moreover, there’s plenty of history: in 2014 the city commemorates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall, which separated Berlin. The West part of the city is very european, with large avenues and neoclassic style buildings. The East, on the contrary, is more austere and grey, with functional buildings.

The Best: food, public transport and the people
The Worst: antisocial behavior of some and the weather