Vintage inspired comic books for your inner nerd

Everyone who has been following my adventures knows how obsessed I am with comic books. I’ve always loved reading comics, specially those set in the past. Since my collection has grown in the past months I decided to select some of favourite vintage inspired titles. Enjoy!

Blacksad (Juanjo Guarnido – Juan Díaz Canales)
Probably one of the best comics out there. Blacksad has won several international awards as well as Spanish recognitions. Set in the USA in the 1950s, introduces the story of John Blacksad, a detective in a world where all the characters are animals.

Ladykiller (Joelle Jones – Jamie S. Rich)
With a presentation such as “Betty Draper meets Hannibal Lecter” this comic book is perfect for vintage enthusiasts. The lead character of the story is the classic housewife one sees in the movies. Or maybe not. When her husband is away, this lady works as a spy and a secret agent.

New Deal (Jonathan Case)

Set in the Waldorf Astoria in the Great Depression, this book tells the story of a mysterious event at the hotel. Follow the life of a glamorous lady and the other guests.

Pin Up (Berthet & Yann)

It’s clear what this book is about, isn’t it? A combination of stories set in the 20th century with glamorous women, Vegas casinos, celebrities from the golden age of Hollywood and a sophisticated young lady with a goal in life: become somebody.

These are some of my latest discoveries that I wanted to share with you. Feel free to leave any other titles you think should be in the list!

Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese

Last week I finally received Dita von Teese’s latest book, Your Beauty Mark. And what can I say? It’s like a Bible for vintage lovers!
I decided to buy after seeing amazing reviews online and snapshots from other vintage ladies I follow on Instagram. And this book is worth the wait and the price.
One of the aspects I love about Your Beauty Mark is the photo step by step tutorials. Dita herself helps the reader achieve her signature looks, and not only on hairstyling.

She presents tutorials on hair and make up, which will make it easier to try them at home. The book is focused on creating our signature look and style. With tips and information on skincare, make up, inspirational women and beauty experts, this book really does a lot for the reader. It is very encouraging and helpful for anybody willing to find their true self. 

Your Beauty Mark also features interviews with inspirational people, beauty experts and it offers further information on personalities such as Max Factor. How did Classic Hollywood actresses find their signature look back in the day? You’ll learn how. 

It took Dita von Teese nearly 10 years to write this book, with the help of Rose Apodaca. And it’s clear why. Your Beauty Mark features spectacular photos of the Burlesque icon in almost every page to keep the reader entertained. Plus there’s a chapter with step by step exercise routines for a fit body!

Get your copy now on Amazon! A must have for vintage girls.