Philippe Halsman: Astonish Me!

Have you heard of Philippe Halsman? A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit an exhibit about his career at CaixaForum Barcelona. Named “Astonish Me!”, it is definitely worth a visit! 

Philippe Halsman was an American photographer born in Latvia and became famous due to his portraits of celebrities. He worked as a photographer for publications such as Life Magazine and Time, creating astonishing and yet beautiful shots that showcased the social and cultural movements from the 20th century.

He stayed in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s, where he experimented with surrealism. He started his photographic projects back in that time, with fascinating images of women and ordinary people. 
He became very close to Marilyn Monroe. Philippe Halsman first photographed her when she was only an aspiring model and actress. After that and due to Marilyn’s success, he took some of the actress’ most popular photos, which were published at Life Magazine. 
Philippe Halsman also has an extended series of portraits, which include photos of Hollywood icons such as Sophia Loren, Alfred Hitchock, Audrey Hepburn and Dean Martin. 
‘Jumpology’ is the title of one of his most famous projects, which focuses on the power of people jumping. Philippe Halsman photographed classic Hollywood stars, models, singers and even members of the British Royal family jumping. 
Fascinated by Surrealism, Philippe Halsman also partnered with artist Salvador Dali to create a series of atomic and surrealistic photographs. 
If you are in Barcelona don’t forget to visit the Philippe Halsman: Astonish Me! exhibit. Ends November 6th. 

Favourite Redheads

Hello lovelies! How’s it going?
I will become a redhead in the next few days and lately I have been seeking for inspiration to get the perfect tone. Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of becoming one, but never were brave enough to try it. So just to let you know that you will no longer see the light brown haired girl on here 😉
Although I am officially on holidays and I have free time for myself, I won’t be posting on here that often. I need to settle up my life right now and start the official preparations for my Etsy shop, which will be up soon. (Excuse the delay!)

The first time I started my obsession with ginger people was when I read the Harry Potter books. I have been a nerd all my life, you see. I wanted to be a Weasley and be different from other people. Later on, my passion for red haired people would increase with Mad Men, which has become my favorite tv show and one of the reasons why I got into vintage. From the very first moment I saw the stunning Christina Hendricks on screen I knew I had to be like her. Not only her curvy shape encouraged me to feel confident about my body, so did her hair, which inspired me so much.
I could name many other actresses and movie stars that have inspired me through my life, and many of them had/have read hair: Maureen O’Hara, Ann-Margret, Joan Crawford and Clara Bow, to name just a few.
Red hair has always been associated with passion, romanticism and sexuality, three aspects that are key in women. Classic Hollywood starlets with red hair often portrayed adventurous and provocative women, while brunettes and blondes would be seen as naive, virginal or cold blooded. Luckily those stereotypes have changed in film industry.

So who’s your favorite redhead?