She’s a Lady

I have been busy with personal issues and I have decided to move the shop opening to next month. Things have changed drastically in my life and I am a bit uncertain about the future. 
Anyway…Don’t worry! I will open the shop and keep up with the blog. 
The other day, while looking for garments suitable for the shop, I came across a beautiful dress that I was intending to sell. Not anymore ’cause it is so gorgeous that I had to keep it!

It is a late 50s/early 60s dress from a Spanish designer in perfect condition and has pockets!

I was so excited to keep it that I had to get some photographs on it. Excuse the bad quality photos, but I had to take that opportunity to get pictured with my “new” hair! 
All shots taken in my grandma’s flat, which, as you can see, is like being in a Film set. 

Have a lovely week, folks!

Special Announcement: Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

If you’re following The Sixties Twist on Facebook, you might already know that I am planning to open an online shop with vintage garments and accessories for women from the 50s, 60s and beyond. If not…You’re welcome! I plan to open a shop on Etsy. I am currently listing items that will be up on there, and I have to admit that I will regret selling some of them, they are beautiful!
I will be posting items on sale on Instagram and on Facebook too, in order to ensure that everybody gets to know these beauties. 
You’ll find:
  • Garments from Spanish designers such as Loewe and Pertegaz
  • Clothing from Europe (French and British designers) and shoes made in Spain. 
  • Fur coats and other garments acquired in the United States in 1960.
All items date from the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. 

Lanvin shirt
Make sure to follow the shop on Instagram @thesixtiestwist for updates! More info coming soon 🙂

Twirlin’ Day

One of the things I like about wearing skirt is twirling. Isn’t it fantastic when you can play with your clothes and feel like a child again?
Last Friday I got some pics at home while twirling with probably my favorite skirt ever. It had been a stressful week due to finals at university and the internship I am currently in. 
I love flowers, but especially roses. Everyone who knows me well is aware of my rose addiction. I am the Rose Queen! 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Hell Bunny
Shoes: Los Angeles (c/ Comte Borrell, 99, Barcelona)
How is your weekend going? Hope all is well 🙂