Black Friday on my Etsy shop!

Are you excited for Black Friday?
Ready to spend your savings on beautiful and cute stuff on the net?
Well here’s a treat for you all! I am offering a 15% discount on all the items displayed on my Etsy shop. 
Yes, you’ve read it well. 15% off! 
This promo will be up until Monday December 1st at 1pm (CET), so make sure to hit the site.
Use the code BFRIDAY2014 to benefit from the discount! 
Some items on sale are this beautiful 1960s Loewe Bolero, which is in perfect condition. 

Looking for another type of Bolero? Check this one from the early 1970s. It comes with a matching skirt.

There’s also this beauty, one of my favourites from the shop: a 1960s Cocktail dress with pockets! Sometimes I regret selling it though. I blogged about it some time ago. 

Lazy Sunday

Hello lovelies! 
Today I am sharing with you a beautiful vintage skirt that belonged to my grandmother. It is made of wool in the 1960s, and it is from a local shop in Barcelona where she would often buy clothes from back in the day. 
At first I wanted to sell it on my Etsy shop (which you can visit here) but after talking about it with others I have decided to keep it for myself. 
So how was your Sunday folks? Mine was a bit boring. I haven’t slept well and my head hurts a bit at the moment, plus I have to finish a reportage for tomorrow. I hate deadlines, but that’s what it takes to be a journalist haha. 
You’ll have to excuse the low quality photos, the aim of this post was to show you the beaut I am wearing and I posed in a bit of a rush 😉 Also ignore my weird face above, on Sundays I try not to wear make up. 
Some details:
Top from Zara
Shoes from a local shop

P.S! I blogged about a stunning Cocktail dress from the early 60s that I also kept for myself, but it is now on the shop, so make sure to check it out

Leopard print outfit + £5 Etsy voucher!

Hello dears, I haven’t done an outfit post in months. A decent one, I mean. Photos taken with my iPhone don’t count as one, haha. So you’ll have to excuse the low quality of the pics again, sorry!
I’m sharing with you the outfit I wore the other day for a friends birthday party in downtown Barcelona. We went out for dinner, grabbed a few drinks and then went to a disco. I didn’t enjoy the music played there, but at least I laughed a bit with my pals.
I must admit I love how my hair turned out, doesn’t it look great? I feel I have finally found the perfect style for myself: the 1950s pin up look. Although I’ve always been a Soul girl and since I was a little girl I got into the Mod scene (thanks Dad!), I feel more comfortable embracing the 50s look. Well, to be honest I also took inspiration from my one of my Classic Hollywood favourites, the stunning Joan Crawford pictured below in the 1930s. I love how she rocked the vamp look.

By the way, If you are looking for cool garments or stuff online, make sure to benefit from this £5 Etsy voucher off your first purchase! Yes, it is a discount for those of you who have never bought on Etsy before! So if you are a newbie…go for it! Etsy is an online platform to buy and sell, specialised in vintage and handmade items.

Good luck! & remember I’m selling some vintage beauties on my Etsy shop. Com say hi!

Special Announcement: Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

If you’re following The Sixties Twist on Facebook, you might already know that I am planning to open an online shop with vintage garments and accessories for women from the 50s, 60s and beyond. If not…You’re welcome! I plan to open a shop on Etsy. I am currently listing items that will be up on there, and I have to admit that I will regret selling some of them, they are beautiful!
I will be posting items on sale on Instagram and on Facebook too, in order to ensure that everybody gets to know these beauties. 
You’ll find:
  • Garments from Spanish designers such as Loewe and Pertegaz
  • Clothing from Europe (French and British designers) and shoes made in Spain. 
  • Fur coats and other garments acquired in the United States in 1960.
All items date from the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. 

Lanvin shirt
Make sure to follow the shop on Instagram @thesixtiestwist for updates! More info coming soon 🙂

Where to buy Vintage repro

Hello lovelies.

It’s sale season! Also known as that time of the year when you compulsively buy tons of new clothing for the upcoming months (including winter, of course).  Lately I have started buying clothes online; although sometimes it can be a bit more expensive that in downtown Barcelona, it allows me to get whatever I want. It is really hard to find vintage reproduction where I live; that’s why I shop on the net. 
Here are my favourite brands to buy clothes from:

Established in London, UK, it is one of my favourite vintage-inspired brands. All their garments and accessories take influence from the 1940s and the 1950s at reasonable prices (compared to other brands it’s affordable). The sizing runs large, so make sure to pick a size down when you buy something from them. Although they use many colours for their clothing, the palette mainly consists on green, red and black. 

One of the most popular US based sites to buy vintage repro and cute stuff. They constantly offer discounts and sale items for short periods of time. The best way to shop in time is to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, which shows you the most amazing items according to your likes and views on the page. The price range is wide, depending on the label of the item and if it is imported or not. Clothing and other stuff from their house brands is cheaper than, let’s just say, Hell Bunny or Collectif, which can be bought there too. Probably the biggest online shop to buy cute dresses with lovely and juicy designs. Also, If you download their Iphone App you get 20$ off your first order!

When I first got into vintage and retro designs, I had a huge obsession on Kling, a Spanish clothing line that creates stuff for young women who want to look like a Sophia Coppola character. All their designs are inspired by Coppola’s own world, as well as by Wes Anderson‘s. Big coats, pastel colours, cute logos and girly shirts. All their items are 50% off now, and shipping to Europe is FREE.

The place to buy all you dream of. You can find anything retro, handmade and cute. Etsy is social a platform to connect sellers with buyers. The site is specialised in second hand, handmade stuff and jewellery. Sellers and buyers from all over the world interact everyday, with safe payment and quality goods. There are lots of vintage clothing sellers willing to find a home to their garments. & they often offer discounts, so make sure to have a look and…start shopping!

If you want to look like a Classic Hollywood starlet, make sure to buy from Pinup Girl Clothing, based in California. They offer all types of garments in different patterns and styles to encourage and empower women. They want to make women proud of themselves no matter the size and the colour of their skin. Clothing made for all types of women. The brand is very active on social networks, and they constantly organize meetups, giveaways and promotional codes.

Summer Essentials

This month I’m very busy with work and other personal issues, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of activity in advance! Anyway, I just want to let you know that I am preparing a cool blog post about the tiki look – hopefully it will be up by the end of July!

Summer is that time of the year when you just want to look cute but comfortable at the same time. Living in a country with hot temperatures from June to September is really hard, especially for someone who adores wearing fancy clothes and dresses 24/7. I just picked my essential items for this time of the year. Easy to find, they’ll blow your mind ❤

  • Polka dots. Who doesn’t love these? I am a huge fan. You can find them everywhere; from skirts to dresses and tops.
Shoreditch T-shirt from Kling (41$)
Vintage dress from HillSideStory on Etsy (51,13$)
Skirt from Modcloth (69.99$)

  • Tropical accessories. Summer is my favourite season in terms of healthy food: Pineapple, Watermelon, Peaches…Best time of the year to channel my inner Carmen Miranda!

Strawberry Hair clips by Foreverandrea on Etsy (6$)

Juicy Necklace from Modcloth (24.99$)
  • Sun protection. It is very important to protect your skin from radiation, even If you don’t go to the beach or it’s cloudy where you are. Apart from sunscreen, it is always recommendable to bring your sunglasses everywhere. You don’t know when the sun will come out. Parasols or head protection are also a thing.
Car Boogie Sunglasses from Modcloth (11.99$)
Sunglasses from American Apparel (40$)
Parasol from Modcloth (24.99$)
  • Shoes. Always walk in style. 
Cherry Pop shoes from Miss L Fire (115$)
Sandals from Zara (29.99€)