Spring Flowers

Last Sunday I had a meal with my family. The weather turned out nice, so why not pose for the camera?
Since the weather in my country is mostly sunny and warm, flowers in my garden are all blooming. Aren’t they beautiful?

What I Wore: a Tatyana Boutique pink shirt I bought in Nashville last year and my new skirt from Hell Bunny. I am so in love with it, even though I’ve only worn it twice! ❤
Hell Bunny is probably my new favorite vintage inspired brand: cool designs, rockabilly styled garments and the price is cheaper than other brands. The fabric is quite simple, but consistent. I would definitely recommend you all to get something from them, their stuff is gorgeous!

Have a lovely week y’all xx

My first and new collectif clothing skirt!

Hoy es uno de esos días en los que apetece publicar un #throwbackthursday, aunque sea de hace un mes y poco y hoy sea sábado. A finales de enero me hice mi primer tatuaje. Después de meses pensándolo y buscando el diseño perfecto me decidí a sufrir bajo la aguja y la tinta.
Y claro, una vez curada la herida en la piel tocaba lucirlo. Justo esa misma semana se organizaba una fiesta de música britpop y no podía faltar!

Mi outfit consistió en un jersey vintage de mi madre + falda de collectif clothing + zapatos de una tienda local. El resultado: un look rockabilly con aires preppy.

Today is the perfect day to post a #throwbackthursday, although it is from a month ago and today’s a saturday. I got my first tattoo by the end of january. After months deciding what to get on my skin I made it to the parlor.
And after it healed it was time to show it to others. Lucky I was that there was a britpop party the same week. I couldn’t miss that!
My outfit consisted on a vintage jersey from my mother + my new collect if clothing skirt + shoes from a local shop. The result: a preppy rockabilly look.