The Hell Bunny Jackson Dress

I’m sure you’ve seen famous – and not so famous – pin ups and vintage enthusiasts on social media wear a houndstooth dress inspired by the 1940s. The Jackson is a flared dress from Hell Bunny, and it has become a Fall/Winter essential in my daily looks.

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Autumn Vibes

Hello there lovelies!
November is nearly over, which means that Christmas and New Years Eve is just around the corner. Barcelona, my city, is experiencing colder weather lately, but last Saturday temperatures were perfect for a shoot with photographer Celina Dolgner in Parc de la Ciutadella. 
I am wearing the Pin Up Girl Clothing Birdie Dress with 3/4 sleeves, the perfect dress for this time of the year. Its sateen is very comfortable, and this 1950s inspired design fits all body types. I couldn’t be more in love with this dress, which I scored at a good price at one of their yard sales in California. 
Dress & BeltPin Up Girl Clothing
PetticoatBanned Clothing bought at Goldie’s Clothing

Oh, and here’s the coat I matched my dress with. The Shonna coat from Hell Bunny Clothing takes inspiration from the 1940s, and the color really suits my hair, don’t you think? I bought it at Audrey Stars Boutique during one of their sales – go check this shop out! -. The Hanalee shoes from B.A.I.T. Footwear are a vintage girl’s dream: they are now one of my favorite heels in my wardrobe! ❤ 
Have a great start of the week! 
All photographs taken by Celina Dolgner 

The Day We Caught The Train

Well, It’s been a while since I last did an outfit post. Working as a full time employer takes me a lot of time, which makes it quite hard to keep the blog updated. Anyway, I am trying my best to share my experiences, my lifestyle, tips and looks with you all on here.
May is coming to its final days, and If I had to sum it up in a few lines, I’d say it’s been a challenging month for me.
I had the opportunity to visit Paris for work, and enjoy the experience of being surrounded with media from other European countries. I also attended the Barcelona Bridal Week, one of the world’s most important bridal fashion weeks in the world.
I really can’t wait for June and see what has prepared for me. Hope you all enjoy these photographs, which were taken in Barcelona’s Estació de França by Núria Martinez. She’s very talented!

Oh, and let’s all appreciate for a moment how amazing this top from Pin Up Girl Clothing is. It fits like a glove, and makes my feel like a 1950s bombshell. I couldn’t have asked for a better top to wear on Saturday in downtown Barcelona. The Voodoo Vixen Top is a must have for any pin up girl, and perfect so style with skirts and capri pants!

What I’m wearing
Voodoo Vixen Top from Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt from Hell Bunny
Shoes from Tommy Hilfiger
Bag is Vintage
All photographs were taken by Núria Martinez. You can check her amazing work here

SALE Favourites

Autumn is around the corner! Have you taken advantage of the SUMMER SALE that is going on around the net?
The other day I snapped a lovely cardigan from BANNED Clothing for under 30€, which is very cheap compared to the price they have in shops in my city. That’s why I always try to buy online, there are lots of discounts and deals!
I have searched a bit on the net and came across beautiful garments which now are at reduced prices. I wish I could grab them all, but I need to save money for my future plans. Moreover, all the items I like are out of stock in my size 😦
These two Hell Bunny cardigans placed above are to die for! I am absolutely in love with the birdcage cardigan in pink, but unfortunately my size is out of stock. They are £22 each at Audrey Stars Boutique, so make sure to visit their shop!

One of my all time favourite clothing lines, Collectif, is also having a sale on their website. They have tons of dresses, tops and cardigans at reduced prices, like these two beauties. Lindy Bop is also having a huge sale, with many types of dresses and skirts to choose from. Dresses at £22.99…What else can we say?

Collectif Reno Summer Western shirt (21.90€)

Collectif Jo Cardigan (24.50€)

Lindy Bop Eloise Red Tartan Pencil Dress (£22.99)
Lindy Bop Concetta Wiggle Dress (£26.99)
Plus check this beauty from Trollied Dolly. Isn’t it cute? 

Where to buy Vintage repro

Hello lovelies.

It’s sale season! Also known as that time of the year when you compulsively buy tons of new clothing for the upcoming months (including winter, of course).  Lately I have started buying clothes online; although sometimes it can be a bit more expensive that in downtown Barcelona, it allows me to get whatever I want. It is really hard to find vintage reproduction where I live; that’s why I shop on the net. 
Here are my favourite brands to buy clothes from:

Established in London, UK, it is one of my favourite vintage-inspired brands. All their garments and accessories take influence from the 1940s and the 1950s at reasonable prices (compared to other brands it’s affordable). The sizing runs large, so make sure to pick a size down when you buy something from them. Although they use many colours for their clothing, the palette mainly consists on green, red and black. 

One of the most popular US based sites to buy vintage repro and cute stuff. They constantly offer discounts and sale items for short periods of time. The best way to shop in time is to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, which shows you the most amazing items according to your likes and views on the page. The price range is wide, depending on the label of the item and if it is imported or not. Clothing and other stuff from their house brands is cheaper than, let’s just say, Hell Bunny or Collectif, which can be bought there too. Probably the biggest online shop to buy cute dresses with lovely and juicy designs. Also, If you download their Iphone App you get 20$ off your first order!

When I first got into vintage and retro designs, I had a huge obsession on Kling, a Spanish clothing line that creates stuff for young women who want to look like a Sophia Coppola character. All their designs are inspired by Coppola’s own world, as well as by Wes Anderson‘s. Big coats, pastel colours, cute logos and girly shirts. All their items are 50% off now, and shipping to Europe is FREE.

The place to buy all you dream of. You can find anything retro, handmade and cute. Etsy is social a platform to connect sellers with buyers. The site is specialised in second hand, handmade stuff and jewellery. Sellers and buyers from all over the world interact everyday, with safe payment and quality goods. There are lots of vintage clothing sellers willing to find a home to their garments. & they often offer discounts, so make sure to have a look and…start shopping!

If you want to look like a Classic Hollywood starlet, make sure to buy from Pinup Girl Clothing, based in California. They offer all types of garments in different patterns and styles to encourage and empower women. They want to make women proud of themselves no matter the size and the colour of their skin. Clothing made for all types of women. The brand is very active on social networks, and they constantly organize meetups, giveaways and promotional codes.

University Graduation

Last week I graduated from University! I never thought the day would come that fast. Four years go by so quick!
The whole promotion attended the event, which was held in Barcelona’s Liceu, a magnificent venue that accurately reflects the city’s history throughout the years.
So what did I wear to such an important event?

Dress: Hell Bunny
Shoes: from a local shop
Hair by me

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an event. I like to keep it simple but significant. I am one of those who consider essential to look good in whatever you wear; it doesn’t matter if it is second hand, modern or cheap. Just be yourself.
It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces all dressed up for the occasion.

Proud to say that now I am officially a journalist! Woot woot!

Have a lovely day x

Twirlin’ Day

One of the things I like about wearing skirt is twirling. Isn’t it fantastic when you can play with your clothes and feel like a child again?
Last Friday I got some pics at home while twirling with probably my favorite skirt ever. It had been a stressful week due to finals at university and the internship I am currently in. 
I love flowers, but especially roses. Everyone who knows me well is aware of my rose addiction. I am the Rose Queen! 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Hell Bunny
Shoes: Los Angeles (c/ Comte Borrell, 99, Barcelona)
How is your weekend going? Hope all is well 🙂