Vintage Illustrators: Derek Yaniger

Long time no blogging about vintage illustrators! It’s been a while since I last showed you the art of a talented illustrator on here.. Today I want you to discover Derek Yaniger and his art. He’s not from the mid 20th century but does great art inspired by the 1950s and the 1960s. 

This north-american artist grew up in the 60s, and after working in the advertising industry and for companies such as Marvel, he decided to work on his own. All his illustrations are inspired by the tiki scene or the beatniks, swinging from the 50s up to the early 60s.
Derek Yaniger often does illustrations for vintage inspired festivals like Tiki Oasis or Viva las Vegas.  
Looking at his art is instantly switch the mood for a rockabilly gig, or even listen to soul music. I came across his art when a friend of mine showed me an article about an exhibit.

Hope you enjoyed my post ❤
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Midcentury Modern Home Inspiration

Many of you already know that I am a huge Midcentury Modern enthusiast. I’d like to have a mcm home someday.
Recently I started my collection by buying a 1960s Danish dressing table in perfect condition. It’s my first vintage beauty to decorate my room, and not my last. Lately I’ve been looking for inspiration online to decorate my room, since I moved to a new house a couple of months ago.
Doesn’t, matter if you are planning to re-decoate your home or not, I invite you to discover some great decorating ideas with a vintage and midcentury twist. Thanks Pinterest!

There’s no mcm home complete without a couch. Fine lines and retro tones are the best characteristics of a midcentury couch. They are huge and can be found in vintage furniture stores, or even some reproduction designs that can get your home “that” vintage look.

Apart from furniture, it’s important to have the right decor to create the look you want for your home or room. Starburst Clocks and wall mirrors are a midcentury modern home must, as well as atomic lamps. 
Remember to keep in mind that you have to feel comfortable in this aesthetics and decor, so adapt your home to your likes and preferences 😉 It’s impossible to not swoon by looking at Don Draper’s apartment in Mad Men. The things I’d do to have an apartment like that!