Black Friday 2016: Where to Buy

Next Friday is one of the most anticipated days of the year: Black Friday! It’s a popular tradition in the United States after Thanksgiving. All shops and companies offer incredible discounts so people can start buying their Christmas gifts.

Luckily, in the past years Black Friday has become a worldwide celebration. If you are looking for discounts on your favorite vintage inspired shops, now’s the time to prepare yourselves for the big day.

Remember to be organized. Check your favorite shops to see any hints on what type of discount might they offer, and check your favorite items. Don’t forget to be sure about the sizing before Black Friday.
Black Friday is like The Hunger Games. Some sites crash during the sale and even if it seemed you had purchased an item, maybe it won’t. Check your email at all times to ensure the payment and order is processed. 
If you order from countries which will requiere customs and other taxes, I recommend you to even buy in different orders to ensure you don’t pay a lot in customs.
Here are some of the most popular shops and brands that will do a Black Friday sale next week:

  • Pinup Girl Clothing. Every year they do a Black Friday sale site wide, which can vary from 20% up to 30% off depending on the year. Stay tuned for more info on their social profiles.
  • Collectif Clothing. Last year they offered a 20% off site wide.
  • Lindy Bop. Last year they had a 50% discount site wide. They are currently warming up Black Friday with sales and promotions. 
  • Vivien of Holloway. They offered a 24% off site wide. during 24 hours only! 
  • Deadly is the Female. Not announced yet, but they might offer a discount code even to celebrate their 8th anniversary.
  • Unique Vintage: they’re offering a 50% off on all purchases.
  • Tatyana Boutique: 50% off site wide. Hurry up before it’s over!
  • Audrey Stars Boutique. One of my favorite shops to buy for Black Friday. They offer a 20% discount and pre Black Friday sale for newsletter subscribers. 
  • What Katie Did. They usually offer a 20% off on all their items, and even want us to get in the mood for Christmas with weekly giveaways. 
  • Voodoo Vixen. Last year all purchases had a 50% off discount. 
  • Vixen by Micheline Pitt. 20% off on their Etsy shop.
  • Bait Footwear. 30% off on all their collections. Hurry up!
  • Miss L Fire. Discounts on selected items

Ready for Black Friday? Few days to go! 


    Witches have always been really appealing to me. And some weeks ago I had the opportunity to star in a fantasy photo from Núria Martinez. I’ve collaborated with her recently, and we did a fantasy themed photo shoot from a recent giveaway I won.
    I took inspiration from a 1960s classic, Bewitched, in order to nail my look. I opted for a pin up inspired witch in the forest, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

    Bewitched was a tv series that aired from 1964 until 1972. It was a comedy show about a 1960s america housewife who had a secret: she was a witch, just like her mother. The show explores her daily life as a married woman in the United States, and the relationship with her non magical husband. 
    It has some great scenes and quotes and it is one of the first tv shows with women in the leading roles. Strong and powerful characters that, 50 years later, are inspiring. I remember watching this tv show when I was 12 and 13 at my grandma’s house. She loved the show when it first aired in Spain and some decades later she introduced me to it.  
    Bewitched also taught us that society has all kinds of people, and just because they are different that doesn’t exclude them from taking part in all kind of social and cultural activities. Let’s just follow Elizabeth Montgomery’s words!

    Autumn Vibes

    Hello there lovelies!
    November is nearly over, which means that Christmas and New Years Eve is just around the corner. Barcelona, my city, is experiencing colder weather lately, but last Saturday temperatures were perfect for a shoot with photographer Celina Dolgner in Parc de la Ciutadella. 
    I am wearing the Pin Up Girl Clothing Birdie Dress with 3/4 sleeves, the perfect dress for this time of the year. Its sateen is very comfortable, and this 1950s inspired design fits all body types. I couldn’t be more in love with this dress, which I scored at a good price at one of their yard sales in California. 
    Dress & BeltPin Up Girl Clothing
    PetticoatBanned Clothing bought at Goldie’s Clothing

    Oh, and here’s the coat I matched my dress with. The Shonna coat from Hell Bunny Clothing takes inspiration from the 1940s, and the color really suits my hair, don’t you think? I bought it at Audrey Stars Boutique during one of their sales – go check this shop out! -. The Hanalee shoes from B.A.I.T. Footwear are a vintage girl’s dream: they are now one of my favorite heels in my wardrobe! ❤ 
    Have a great start of the week! 
    All photographs taken by Celina Dolgner 

    Los Angeles & California

    Hello! No time no blogging!
    I decided to have September for myself: holidays, personal stuff and getting back to work.But I’m back and ready to show you how is my life at the moment.
    Last month I went on vacation to Los Angeles, and I really loved the experience. It’s been my 3rd time in the United States and every time I go there I am more sure that I need to leave Europe and move to America.
    I explored the Los Angeles area – Los Angeles, Venice, Santa Monica, Burbank and Long Beach – and fell in love with the huge Rockabilly & Vintage scene there. It’s crazy!

    If you’re planning to visit California soon, remember to visit Burbank – Magnolia Blvd is the best place for vintage and antiques – and Cherry St on Long Beach for more vintage finds! ❤
    Oh, and besides exploring more parts of the States, I also scored bargains from some of my favourite shops! I can’t wait to go back to California.
    All photographs taken by David Durand
    Hope you are all okay and liked my post!
    Take Care xx

    Why Do I Dress Like This?

    Sometimes I’ve been asked randomly on the street where am I going wearing what I wear on a daily basis. Some in a rude way, others with interest, but they all assume I am dressing up for a reason, when the truth is, I dress for myself and because I do it that way every day.
    Modern society has come up with the idea that you have to wear like others do, like all do and following the trends that brands dictate, and then someone who does that in a different way, they are considered weird. I like to dress vintage clothes or reproduction clothes because I feel more embraced than in “modern day” garments. Also because I have always been interested in past decades and fashion from the 20th century, rather than 21st century clothing. Doesn’t matter the occasion – for vintage events, concerts, a stroll in the park or going to work -, I always dress like a 1950s/1960s babe. 
    I am a shy person and have always been one, so dressing inspired by the 1950s and 1960s has helped me a lot to accept myself. Although it’s been difficult – at first I didn’t want to dress in vintage and vintage inspired influenced by what others would say about me – but now I’m happy with who I am and the way I dress. Modeling has also helped me boost my self esteem. 
    I don’t do it only for the aesthetics, because I consider the vintage lifestyle my way of life, since I was a little girl. I listen to rockabilly and soul music and anything from yesteryear, and have always dreamt of living in another decade. I guess I’m an old soul. 
    I felt I needed to do this blog post. I feel empowered and embraced, happy with myself – with all its flaws yes! – and I am determined to be who I am and dress the way I do until I die. No one will be able to change that. 
    Have you ever had problems for wearing vintage? xx

    Between Palm Trees and Old Streets

    At this time I’m sure you all know that I’ve had the opportunity to model for Cindy Bangs, a brand from Barcelona that designs amazing vintage retro pieces for modern pin up girls and vintage enthusiasts. Well, here are some new pics from a shoot I did for them a couple of weeks ago. I have to tell you that their new styles for Spring/Summer are to die for! 

    Blue is such a great color for this time of the year. And this design is perfect to wear to a wedding, party or any other fancy occasion! 

     A good pair of capris is a pin up girl’s best item for Spring/Summer, don’t you think? I am in love with the Lizzy capris in white. I used to dislike this color on me because I felt I looked horrible wearing it, but I am absolutely in love with these photos! Oh, and they have tiny polkadots!

    Oh, and guess what? I am wearing shorts again… 😉

    Loving how my hair looks here ❤

    All photographs were taken by Beatriz Diaz, she’s an amazing photographer!
    Hope you like these new styles, they are gorgeous! xx

    The Look of Love

    I know, I know. I haven’t done an outfit post in ages. But here’s one that will make you fall in love even more with Pin Up Girl Clothing.
    One of my all time favourite skirts is the Jenny skirt in harlequin, which matches perfectly with many colours. Last weekend I went to a Kustom Culture Event near Barcelona, the Speedfest Festival, where I had the opportunity to be near vintage cars from the 50s and the 60s, two of my favourite decades. And I channeled my inner 1950s housewife look, which drew the attention of many attendees and photographers.

    Oh, and how cool is my Chevy brooch by Deer Arrow? I got many compliments at the event! 

    What I’m Wearing:
    T-shirt is thrifted
    Belt from Mango
    Brooch from Deer Arrow
    Petticoat from Cindy Bangs
    Cardigan from Banned Clothing
    Shoes from Los Angeles Shop
    Bag is vintage

    All pics taken by the most amazing photographer I know ❤

    I hope you have a great weekend with your loved ones! 

    Cindy Bangs Gal

    Hi lovelies!
    I haven’t updated the blog decently in weeks! Recently I got a job in a magazine so I spend from Monday to Friday writing articles non stop. Sounds great, right? It is really cool but exhausting! That’s why I don’t even have time to blog.

    Remember I told you about the idea of becoming a model? Well, then here you go! Last week I had the opportunity to model for a vintage-inspired brand from Barcelona called Cindy Bangs. They make great garments inspired in the 1940s and the 1950s, and the quality is excellent.
    And I couldn’t be happier, to be honest!

    All pics taken by Ferran Porta.
    Have a great week, my friends! Will share another photoshoot with you all soon. Stay tuned ❤