Friday inspiration: Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

We all know who she is. She first blew our minds in 1994, and since then, she has become an iconic figure. And not only a film icon; Uma Thurman‘s portrayal of a young and adventurous wife has inspired many women from all over the world. 
Quentin Tarantino created a fascinating character inspired by pulp stories from the 50s, adding a modern twist to the character. 
Her perfectly cut bob, her daring expression, and Uma Thurman’s charisma have already made Mia Wallace eternal. There’s one in every costume party, and many women have found an inspirational character to look up to. 
Why? She represents women in a unique way; she can be feminine and also be bossy and fabulous. 
Now, shall we drink a 5$ milkshake to celebrate? 
Happy Friday!