Cindy Bangs Gal

Hi lovelies!
I haven’t updated the blog decently in weeks! Recently I got a job in a magazine so I spend from Monday to Friday writing articles non stop. Sounds great, right? It is really cool but exhausting! That’s why I don’t even have time to blog.

Remember I told you about the idea of becoming a model? Well, then here you go! Last week I had the opportunity to model for a vintage-inspired brand from Barcelona called Cindy Bangs. They make great garments inspired in the 1940s and the 1950s, and the quality is excellent.
And I couldn’t be happier, to be honest!

All pics taken by Ferran Porta.
Have a great week, my friends! Will share another photoshoot with you all soon. Stay tuned ❤

Black Friday on my Etsy shop!

Are you excited for Black Friday?
Ready to spend your savings on beautiful and cute stuff on the net?
Well here’s a treat for you all! I am offering a 15% discount on all the items displayed on my Etsy shop. 
Yes, you’ve read it well. 15% off! 
This promo will be up until Monday December 1st at 1pm (CET), so make sure to hit the site.
Use the code BFRIDAY2014 to benefit from the discount! 
Some items on sale are this beautiful 1960s Loewe Bolero, which is in perfect condition. 

Looking for another type of Bolero? Check this one from the early 1970s. It comes with a matching skirt.

There’s also this beauty, one of my favourites from the shop: a 1960s Cocktail dress with pockets! Sometimes I regret selling it though. I blogged about it some time ago. 

Leopard print outfit + £5 Etsy voucher!

Hello dears, I haven’t done an outfit post in months. A decent one, I mean. Photos taken with my iPhone don’t count as one, haha. So you’ll have to excuse the low quality of the pics again, sorry!
I’m sharing with you the outfit I wore the other day for a friends birthday party in downtown Barcelona. We went out for dinner, grabbed a few drinks and then went to a disco. I didn’t enjoy the music played there, but at least I laughed a bit with my pals.
I must admit I love how my hair turned out, doesn’t it look great? I feel I have finally found the perfect style for myself: the 1950s pin up look. Although I’ve always been a Soul girl and since I was a little girl I got into the Mod scene (thanks Dad!), I feel more comfortable embracing the 50s look. Well, to be honest I also took inspiration from my one of my Classic Hollywood favourites, the stunning Joan Crawford pictured below in the 1930s. I love how she rocked the vamp look.

By the way, If you are looking for cool garments or stuff online, make sure to benefit from this £5 Etsy voucher off your first purchase! Yes, it is a discount for those of you who have never bought on Etsy before! So if you are a newbie…go for it! Etsy is an online platform to buy and sell, specialised in vintage and handmade items.

Good luck! & remember I’m selling some vintage beauties on my Etsy shop. Com say hi!

She’s a Lady

I have been busy with personal issues and I have decided to move the shop opening to next month. Things have changed drastically in my life and I am a bit uncertain about the future. 
Anyway…Don’t worry! I will open the shop and keep up with the blog. 
The other day, while looking for garments suitable for the shop, I came across a beautiful dress that I was intending to sell. Not anymore ’cause it is so gorgeous that I had to keep it!

It is a late 50s/early 60s dress from a Spanish designer in perfect condition and has pockets!

I was so excited to keep it that I had to get some photographs on it. Excuse the bad quality photos, but I had to take that opportunity to get pictured with my “new” hair! 
All shots taken in my grandma’s flat, which, as you can see, is like being in a Film set. 

Have a lovely week, folks!

Bathing Beauties: The Nifty 50s

Ah, the 50s! Fabulous days in the sun, huh? Back when people didn’t have smartphones and electronic devices, beach days were filled with photographers, sufers and young couples often accompanied by friends (at least in Spain, where unmarried couples were often watched over to ensure they wouldn’t do inappropiate things).
In the mid 40s a new type of swimwear came out: shorter swimsuits and two pieced suits would soon hit the beaches, especially in the 50s. Women would no longer be afraid of showing off their bodies, and the popularity of the two pieced bathing suit (which later on would evolve into the bikini) encouraged more women to go to the beach to get a tan.

Those were the days! No worries, just fun in the sun 🙂

Friday inspiration: Ann-Margret

She is probably one of the most beautiful redheads from the big screen. I didn’t know much about her until I saw her on a Mad Men episode. She definitely caught my attention, and Don Draper’s as well.
Ann-Margret is a singer and actress born in Sweden that at earlier age moved to the US, where she would start a successful career. Although she first wanted to be a singer, her voice didn’t convince music producers, so she soon appeared on the big screen.
She became a sex icon after starring with Elvis Presley in Viva las Vegas, where they both heat up the screen. If you haven’t seen the film, you’re terribly late. Look at those moves…they sure became more than friends! 😉

She explored her sexy side, and despite her short height, she became a sex symbol of the decade. Her red hair is now iconic, as well as her appreciation for animals.
Have a great weekend! x

I’m a Hula Girl

Aloha! Pehea ‘oukou?

I’m fine, let’s just say. Really looking forward to the end of July so that I can enjoy my holidays in the sun, although I dislike sunbathing. At least I will be able to rest a bit, get some sleep and spend time with my friends without rushing.

I have wanted to write this post for a long time, but I thought It would suit better in July or August, so here it comes.
Many 1950s and 1960s fanatics are really into the Hawaiian and Tiki scene. As an European and coming from a country with lots of prejudice and closemindness, this is quite hard to adopt, but not impossible. I love 1940s and 1950s photographs from young couples wearing their tiki garments in the US. The fascination for tropical scenarios and traditions began in the 1940s, shortly after WWII. And since then, tropical flowers, tiki statues and surf sounds can be seen (and heard) all around the world.
I have owned this amazing vintage romper since last year, when I travelled across southern USA. I fell in love from the very first moment I saw it; I knew it had to be mine. & moreover, it is a vintage garment from the 60s! 🙂

By the way, If you’re into 50s inspired music bands, check The Hula Girls. They play rock and roll, surf and tiki music, so feel free to give them a try. You won’t regret it, I promise! Turn the volume up and sing with me: Hawaii…is not that far away!

What I’m wearing:
Vintage Romper from Ragdoll NOLA
Shoes from Charo Fernandez
Hair and Make Up by me

Bathing Beauties through decades

It’s really getting so hot in here. Especially if you live near the beach, which is my case. Summer is that time of the year when you just want to look cute and comfy at the same time wearing dresses and colorful skirts. And what about the swimwear?
I am presenting you all a new series of blog posts about bathing beauties through history. Every week I’ll be posting inspirational photos from the past, each week centered on a specific decade. 

This week I am showing you some of pics of beach life in the 1910s.
As you can see on the photographs, in the early 1910s women used to wear large suits that covered their bodies, but later swimsuits were modernized and more daring, especially on young girls, who would coin the term “flapper” later in the 1920s.

Summer Essentials

This month I’m very busy with work and other personal issues, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of activity in advance! Anyway, I just want to let you know that I am preparing a cool blog post about the tiki look – hopefully it will be up by the end of July!

Summer is that time of the year when you just want to look cute but comfortable at the same time. Living in a country with hot temperatures from June to September is really hard, especially for someone who adores wearing fancy clothes and dresses 24/7. I just picked my essential items for this time of the year. Easy to find, they’ll blow your mind ❤

  • Polka dots. Who doesn’t love these? I am a huge fan. You can find them everywhere; from skirts to dresses and tops.
Shoreditch T-shirt from Kling (41$)
Vintage dress from HillSideStory on Etsy (51,13$)
Skirt from Modcloth (69.99$)

  • Tropical accessories. Summer is my favourite season in terms of healthy food: Pineapple, Watermelon, Peaches…Best time of the year to channel my inner Carmen Miranda!

Strawberry Hair clips by Foreverandrea on Etsy (6$)

Juicy Necklace from Modcloth (24.99$)
  • Sun protection. It is very important to protect your skin from radiation, even If you don’t go to the beach or it’s cloudy where you are. Apart from sunscreen, it is always recommendable to bring your sunglasses everywhere. You don’t know when the sun will come out. Parasols or head protection are also a thing.
Car Boogie Sunglasses from Modcloth (11.99$)
Sunglasses from American Apparel (40$)
Parasol from Modcloth (24.99$)
  • Shoes. Always walk in style. 
Cherry Pop shoes from Miss L Fire (115$)
Sandals from Zara (29.99€)

Friday Inspiration: Sophia Loren

One of my all time style inspirations is the stunning Sophia Loren. She was a total babe back in the day and still can rock. I hope I can look that fabulous when I’m nearly 80 years old!
She has always been proud of her italian heritage, from portraying charismatic women in American Cinema to showing to the public her mediterranean life with her husband, Carlo Ponti.
Her popularity, along with Marilyn Monroe, made curvy women feel and look sexy.
I haven’t seen many of her films (I know, How could this be possible? haha) but If I had to choose any, I would definitely stick with one in which she shares her thoughts and feelings with the handsome Marcello Mastroianni.
She could rock the femme fatale look and either look like a princess. Lei è unica!