Witches have always been really appealing to me. And some weeks ago I had the opportunity to star in a fantasy photo from Núria Martinez. I’ve collaborated with her recently, and we did a fantasy themed photo shoot from a recent giveaway I won.
I took inspiration from a 1960s classic, Bewitched, in order to nail my look. I opted for a pin up inspired witch in the forest, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Bewitched was a tv series that aired from 1964 until 1972. It was a comedy show about a 1960s america housewife who had a secret: she was a witch, just like her mother. The show explores her daily life as a married woman in the United States, and the relationship with her non magical husband. 
It has some great scenes and quotes and it is one of the first tv shows with women in the leading roles. Strong and powerful characters that, 50 years later, are inspiring. I remember watching this tv show when I was 12 and 13 at my grandma’s house. She loved the show when it first aired in Spain and some decades later she introduced me to it.  
Bewitched also taught us that society has all kinds of people, and just because they are different that doesn’t exclude them from taking part in all kind of social and cultural activities. Let’s just follow Elizabeth Montgomery’s words!

She’s a Lady

I have been busy with personal issues and I have decided to move the shop opening to next month. Things have changed drastically in my life and I am a bit uncertain about the future. 
Anyway…Don’t worry! I will open the shop and keep up with the blog. 
The other day, while looking for garments suitable for the shop, I came across a beautiful dress that I was intending to sell. Not anymore ’cause it is so gorgeous that I had to keep it!

It is a late 50s/early 60s dress from a Spanish designer in perfect condition and has pockets!

I was so excited to keep it that I had to get some photographs on it. Excuse the bad quality photos, but I had to take that opportunity to get pictured with my “new” hair! 
All shots taken in my grandma’s flat, which, as you can see, is like being in a Film set. 

Have a lovely week, folks!

Friday inspiration: Ann-Margret

She is probably one of the most beautiful redheads from the big screen. I didn’t know much about her until I saw her on a Mad Men episode. She definitely caught my attention, and Don Draper’s as well.
Ann-Margret is a singer and actress born in Sweden that at earlier age moved to the US, where she would start a successful career. Although she first wanted to be a singer, her voice didn’t convince music producers, so she soon appeared on the big screen.
She became a sex icon after starring with Elvis Presley in Viva las Vegas, where they both heat up the screen. If you haven’t seen the film, you’re terribly late. Look at those moves…they sure became more than friends! 😉

She explored her sexy side, and despite her short height, she became a sex symbol of the decade. Her red hair is now iconic, as well as her appreciation for animals.
Have a great weekend! x

Friday Inspiration: Anna Karina

What Can we say about the beautiful Anna Karina? She was a total babe back in the 60s, thanks to the Nouvelle Vague and her soon to be husband, director Jean-Luc Godard. She has starred in masterpieces such as Vivre Sa Vie, Pierrot le fou and Alphaville. Probably one of the most controversial characters she portrayed was in Vivre Sa Vie, where she played a young and intellectual prostitute who sold her body to experience new things.
Not only she became Jean-Luc Godard‘s muse: she also became his wife. 
Her style has changed throughout the years, but always keeping it classy and very european. Look at her carefully: she could rock a beret, look fabulous with messy hair and beautiful with no make up on. 

Spring Flowers

Last Sunday I had a meal with my family. The weather turned out nice, so why not pose for the camera?
Since the weather in my country is mostly sunny and warm, flowers in my garden are all blooming. Aren’t they beautiful?

What I Wore: a Tatyana Boutique pink shirt I bought in Nashville last year and my new skirt from Hell Bunny. I am so in love with it, even though I’ve only worn it twice! ❤
Hell Bunny is probably my new favorite vintage inspired brand: cool designs, rockabilly styled garments and the price is cheaper than other brands. The fabric is quite simple, but consistent. I would definitely recommend you all to get something from them, their stuff is gorgeous!

Have a lovely week y’all xx

Berlin Adventures

Primero de todo, mil disculpas por la falta de actividad en el blog. Hace unos días volví de Berlín, capital de Alemania y también capital de los hipsters. Es una ciudad hipermoderna, cool y muy urbana. Además, está llena de historia: justamente este año 2014 se cumplen 25 años de la caída del muro que separaba la ciudad. La parte oeste de Berlín es muy europea, con anchas avenidas y edificios de estilo neoclásico. La parte este, al contrario, es austera y gris, con edificios funcionales y muy cuadriculados.

Lo mejor: la comida, el transporte público y la gente
Lo peor: el incivismo de algunos y el tiempo


First of all, my apologies on the lack of activity on the blog. A few days ago I came back from Berlin, capital of Germany and hipster city. It is very modern, cool and urban. Moreover, there’s plenty of history: in 2014 the city commemorates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall, which separated Berlin. The West part of the city is very european, with large avenues and neoclassic style buildings. The East, on the contrary, is more austere and grey, with functional buildings.

The Best: food, public transport and the people
The Worst: antisocial behavior of some and the weather


Friday Inspiration: Twiggy

Uno de los iconos pop de los 60 es Twiggy. ¿Quién no ha oído hablar de ella?
Fue la modelo que revolucionó las pasarelas y la moda de la época: corte andrógino, cara de niña y mucho, mucho estilo. 
Su imagen se usado en muchos anuncios y campañas publicitarias: su maquillaje de exceso contrasta con su delgada y pequeña estatura. Se convirtió en la primera supermodelo británica, y nunca renegó de sus orígenes de clase obrera. Y casi 50 años después de su debut se la sigue asociando con la palabra “cool”. 
Twiggy, that 60s icon. Who has never heard of her?
She was the model who changed fashion from that era: androgynous haircut, baby face and style, a lot of style.
Her image has been used in lots of commercials and ads: her excessive make up contrasts with her tiny body. She became the first british supermodel and never hid her middle-class roots. And nearly 50 years after her debut, she still is associated with the word “cool”.