Midcentury Nostalgia! [Los Flamingo & Piplotex]


Many of us vintage enthusiasts are fascinated by the atomic designs from the 50s and early 60s. The Atomic Era was a cultural, social and artistic movement that took place in America between the late 1940s and the mid 1960s. Midcentury designs are hard to find nowadays, but thanks to some vintage inspired brands like Los Flamingo and Piplotex, one can go back to those years.

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Miss Sixties Twist around the world: London

Last week I had the opportunity to visit London for a quick break. In fact, I decided with my friend @ginnyfromthepast that it would be fun to go shopping there. And it’s been an amazing trip!
We both visited some of our favourite shops, a secret 1940s inspired cocktail bar and many, many other things worth a visit if you’re there.

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Pin Up Hoy Magazine Covergirl


Sometimes I like to remind myself of how far I’ve come. As a girl who suffered a lot of body issue struggles during her teen years, I am so excited and thrilled to announce I’m on a cover of a magazine. If I could talk to the insecure and shy teenager that I was and tell her that, in 10 years time, she would be on a cover of a magazine, things could have gone slightly different.

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The Sixties Twist goes Tiki!

Some of you might have noticed that my blog is slightly different. The thing is…I have a new blog header! And by the super lovely Alice Negri, a very talented illustrator from Italy.

I met Alice in 2015 through Instagram, where I discovered her illustrations inspired by vintage girls from all over the world. She even drew me taking inspiration from some recent pictures featured on my Instagram.

Her style is very neat and elegant, and uses many colours for her compositions. No doubt I had to ask her to design my new blog header. I love its tiki design and tropical vibes. I’m a big fan of the tiki culture and aesthetics, and she created this beautiful header for my blog. Couldn’t be happier!

Since I started this blog, back in late 2014, many things have changed: my style, my experience and also my community of blog readers…and the list could go on! So I guess it was time for a big makeover! I also plan on making other design changes during this year. Stay tuned! ✌

Alice Negri has her own site where you can commission her and buy her art, either prints, pillows, phone cases or even brooches.

What do you think of my new header?

Beach babes in October Part II

Following this week’s Beach babes in October, today I’m showing you more pics from a shoot with Patricia von Gray, make up artist Montse Fuentes and photographer Artsobu. After our beach session we had a photoshoot nearby with incredible backgrounds.

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Philippe Halsman: Astonish Me!

Have you heard of Philippe Halsman? A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit an exhibit about his career at CaixaForum Barcelona. Named “Astonish Me!”, it is definitely worth a visit! 

Philippe Halsman was an American photographer born in Latvia and became famous due to his portraits of celebrities. He worked as a photographer for publications such as Life Magazine and Time, creating astonishing and yet beautiful shots that showcased the social and cultural movements from the 20th century.

He stayed in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s, where he experimented with surrealism. He started his photographic projects back in that time, with fascinating images of women and ordinary people. 
He became very close to Marilyn Monroe. Philippe Halsman first photographed her when she was only an aspiring model and actress. After that and due to Marilyn’s success, he took some of the actress’ most popular photos, which were published at Life Magazine. 
Philippe Halsman also has an extended series of portraits, which include photos of Hollywood icons such as Sophia Loren, Alfred Hitchock, Audrey Hepburn and Dean Martin. 
‘Jumpology’ is the title of one of his most famous projects, which focuses on the power of people jumping. Philippe Halsman photographed classic Hollywood stars, models, singers and even members of the British Royal family jumping. 
Fascinated by Surrealism, Philippe Halsman also partnered with artist Salvador Dali to create a series of atomic and surrealistic photographs. 
If you are in Barcelona don’t forget to visit the Philippe Halsman: Astonish Me! exhibit. Ends November 6th.