Vintage Illustrators: Mike Ludlow

Today’s Vintage Illustrator is Mike Ludlow, american artist born in 1921. His work is specialized in glamour, so expect many sophisticated illustrations in this post 🙂
 He worked for important publications such as Esquire magazine, especially in the 50s, when he created illustrations with pin up girls ang stylish gentlemen. 

In he 60s, the women he painted were sexier. 

Mike Ludlow took inspiration from classic Hollywood starlets from the decade, like Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner and Jayne Mansfield. I love vintage glamour so he’s become one of my favorite artist so far.

He also collaborated with Esquire magazine with yearly glamorous calendars filled with pin ups, and designed the whole 1957 calendar – the last one of the Esquire series -. 
You can also check his work in the advertising business, creating ads and also illustrated covers for newspapers and romantic magazines. 

Hope you liked this post about Mike Ludlow (1921-2010)

Take care! 


Witches have always been really appealing to me. And some weeks ago I had the opportunity to star in a fantasy photo from Núria Martinez. I’ve collaborated with her recently, and we did a fantasy themed photo shoot from a recent giveaway I won.
I took inspiration from a 1960s classic, Bewitched, in order to nail my look. I opted for a pin up inspired witch in the forest, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Bewitched was a tv series that aired from 1964 until 1972. It was a comedy show about a 1960s america housewife who had a secret: she was a witch, just like her mother. The show explores her daily life as a married woman in the United States, and the relationship with her non magical husband. 
It has some great scenes and quotes and it is one of the first tv shows with women in the leading roles. Strong and powerful characters that, 50 years later, are inspiring. I remember watching this tv show when I was 12 and 13 at my grandma’s house. She loved the show when it first aired in Spain and some decades later she introduced me to it.  
Bewitched also taught us that society has all kinds of people, and just because they are different that doesn’t exclude them from taking part in all kind of social and cultural activities. Let’s just follow Elizabeth Montgomery’s words!

Springtime in Barcelona

Another week passing by, and really looking forward to the weekend and warmer weather!
How’s the week going? Mine is going to be shorter because I have a day off on Friday – just in time for the Riverside Crazy Car Hop -!

Today I am showing you all a shoot I did last week in the city. The weather was incredibly nice and I got to wear for the first time this houndstooth pencil skirt from Bettie Page Clothing. Don’t confuse the brand with Tatyana!

I got this skirt at Goldie’s Clothing 1st Vintage Market, where everyone could buy and sell vintage clothes surrounded by cool people, music and drinks. I decided to style this skirt with my new Voodoo Vixen top from Pinup Girl Clothing. Seriously, the best top ever made! And this skirt is so comfortable that I could wear it all day long! 

Outfit details
Top & Belt – Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt – Bettie Page Clothing
Shoes – BAIT Footwear
Earrings – Desperate beatnik
Bangles – Vintage
Photos by David Durand
Have a lovely week! 
Will update the blog soon with pics from the Riverside Festival xx