Riverside Crazy Car Hop 2017 with Vivien of Holloway

Hello! Hope all is well!
Last weekend I went to Riverside Crazy Car Hop, the best car show in Spain and one of Europe’s most popular classic car shows in Europe. This year has been the best edition so far, with amazing bands, very talented artists and special guest Gene Winfield, Custom cars legend who came all the way from California.

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Vintage Illustrators: Derek Yaniger

Long time no blogging about vintage illustrators! It’s been a while since I last showed you the art of a talented illustrator on here.. Today I want you to discover Derek Yaniger and his art. He’s not from the mid 20th century but does great art inspired by the 1950s and the 1960s. 

This north-american artist grew up in the 60s, and after working in the advertising industry and for companies such as Marvel, he decided to work on his own. All his illustrations are inspired by the tiki scene or the beatniks, swinging from the 50s up to the early 60s.
Derek Yaniger often does illustrations for vintage inspired festivals like Tiki Oasis or Viva las Vegas.  
Looking at his art is instantly switch the mood for a rockabilly gig, or even listen to soul music. I came across his art when a friend of mine showed me an article about an exhibit.

Hope you enjoyed my post ❤
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Crazy for Tiki

Summer calls for floral dresses, playsuits and hair flowers. And that’s what I’ve done recently. Last week I attended the 080 Barcelona Fashion, also known as the Barcelona Fashion Week. And it’s been an exhausting week, working non stop during and after the runways. And on Saturday I decided to wear this amazing original playsuit from the 1960s I bought in New Orleans nearly 2 years ago. 

I styled it with my new tiki inspired earrings and hair flowers from Goldie’s Clothing, along with some bamboo bangles I purchased from Audrey Star’s Boutique.
The thing is, that these accessories match really well with one of my favorite summer essential, this lovely dress from Collectif Clothing. Its atomic/tiki print is so cool, don’t you think?
Quick blog post to update you all with my life and outfits! 😉
Don’t worry, I’ll do more soon! xx
Photography from David Durand and Oriol Alella

I’m a Hula Girl

Aloha! Pehea ‘oukou?

I’m fine, let’s just say. Really looking forward to the end of July so that I can enjoy my holidays in the sun, although I dislike sunbathing. At least I will be able to rest a bit, get some sleep and spend time with my friends without rushing.

I have wanted to write this post for a long time, but I thought It would suit better in July or August, so here it comes.
Many 1950s and 1960s fanatics are really into the Hawaiian and Tiki scene. As an European and coming from a country with lots of prejudice and closemindness, this is quite hard to adopt, but not impossible. I love 1940s and 1950s photographs from young couples wearing their tiki garments in the US. The fascination for tropical scenarios and traditions began in the 1940s, shortly after WWII. And since then, tropical flowers, tiki statues and surf sounds can be seen (and heard) all around the world.
I have owned this amazing vintage romper since last year, when I travelled across southern USA. I fell in love from the very first moment I saw it; I knew it had to be mine. & moreover, it is a vintage garment from the 60s! 🙂

By the way, If you’re into 50s inspired music bands, check The Hula Girls. They play rock and roll, surf and tiki music, so feel free to give them a try. You won’t regret it, I promise! Turn the volume up and sing with me: Hawaii…is not that far away!

What I’m wearing:
Vintage Romper from Ragdoll NOLA
Shoes from Charo Fernandez
Hair and Make Up by me