Midcentury Nostalgia! [Los Flamingo & Piplotex]


Many of us vintage enthusiasts are fascinated by the atomic designs from the 50s and early 60s. The Atomic Era was a cultural, social and artistic movement that took place in America between the late 1940s and the mid 1960s. Midcentury designs are hard to find nowadays, but thanks to some vintage inspired brands like Los Flamingo and Piplotex, one can go back to those years.

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Last days of Summer

Hello! September is here, and that means that autumn is just around the corner. I have to admit that although Summer is perfect to wear more colorful dresses, I’m really excited for Autumn. 
Today I’m showing you some of my latest acquisitions, a match made in heaven and perfect for the last days of Summer. 

Last month I did my first ever Vivien of Holloway purchase, and got their Gypsy Top in white. And I gotta say it has become one of my favourite tops ever! It is very comfortable and looks great with a mexican inspired skirt, a pair of shorts or even capri pants. Here I paired it with the Collectif Clothing Ayana gingham shorts, which I won at a recent giveaway they held on Facebook. 
Outfit Details

Top – Vivien of Holloway

Shorts – Collectif Clothing

Bag – Sunjellies

Shoes – Lluis Ponts Barcelona

Accesories – Vintage

I have no words for their Ayana gingham shorts, seriously. It’s been years since I finally decided to wear shorts again. I’ve never liked my thighs and had low self-esteem about this part of my body, but after trying these shorts I feel more confident in my body. Summer calls for colorful accessories, so I styled my look with a Sunjellies bag I won recently. It’s perfect! 

My hairstyling skills are getting better each day. Tried a suicide roll after time practicing and I’m amazed by the result! 

Hope you liked my post! 
All photos by David Durand 

Vintage shopping in Burbank & Long Beach

In a couple of months it’s going to mark exactly one year since I visited California. I fell in love with Burbank and its vintage and antiques shops, so I decided to write a post with the shops I visited during my trip.

Playclothes Vintage
Magnolia Blvd is the jam for vintage. Seriously! And Playclothes Vintage is definitely the place to go. They have a large space with different rooms and all kinds of vintage and antiques you can think of. From lingerie, pottery to casual garments, they specialise in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Swift Vintage
We visited the shop just to check if they had anything interesting, and we found great stuff for men. The owner even offered us a discount for a repro vintage western jacket. Check the bakelite and jewelry collection they have.

Pinup Girl Boutique

They sell repro garments and accesorize from Pinup Girl Clothing. A must visit when you’re in California! Friendly stuff and fantastic atmosphere. Plus they have the best clothes one can ever buy!


Audrey K Boutique

They have their own range of clothing and also sell other repro brands. Audrey, the owner, also sells vintage inspired purses and other products perfect as a gift. Check their social media to see if they organize any yard sale with Pinup Girl Clothing when you’re around!

Besame Cosmetics
I’m sure you’ve all heard about Besame Cosmetics, the most popular vintage inspired make up brand. All their products are cruelty free and present a beautiful packaging. Perfect to channel your inner Hollywood diva! Don’t forget to visit their shop in Burbank, in front of Pinup Girl Clothing.

BAIT Footwear
Located in Long Beach, they sell the cutest shoes you’ll ever wear. Their designs are all cruelty free and are vintage inspired. Make sure to visit their shop!  

Sneaky Tiki Boutique

Fans of the tiki culture have a place to visit when in Long Beach. Sneaky Tiki Boutique offers vintage clothing and accessorize with something in common: the tiki aesthetics. 


Also located in Long Beach’s Retro Row – the best area to shop vintage – one can find Meow, a kitschy shop full of surprises. They even sell vintage fridges! Make sure to check their shop, where they have areas set by decade. 

These are some of the shops I visited last year, can’t wait to go back!

Why is Vintage so overpriced in Spain?


One of my favorite things of going abroad or on holiday outside Spain is to look for vintage and antiques shops in the area I am visiting.
Although vintage is nowadays very popular in my country, especially in Barcelona, there’s something that has always caught my eye: the prices.

Yes, it might seem unnoticeable to you, but I’ve found that prices for second hand garments and other stuff here is quite high. Moreover, most of the things you can find at a vintage shop date from the 80s or 90s. We also have great vintage furniture shops in the city, with original furniture dating from the 60s and 70s. I really understand the prices in that case, although in the States it is easier to find cheaper prices. Check El Recibidor en Barcelona for great quality pieces for your home. 

Nevertheless I will be posting a list of my favourite vintage shops in Barcelona soon so that you can all check them out. Sometimes you can find bargains and really good clothes!

One of the things I always do when I visit the States – the paradise for vintage lovers – is keep a lot of space for the things I’ll shop during my trip. Below you can find me swooning over the many antiques and vintage garments at Playclothes, one of the best second hand shops in Burbank, California. 

Why are prices so high here in Spain despite the ” bad quality” of the clothes, which date from the 80s or 90s? Last week I found cheaper prices at the Screamin’ Festival flea market, where everyone could sell stuff there. And some garments were from the 60s and in perfect condition! I’ve always found that vintage shops here in my country are more interested in business rather than keeping and finding new owners to vintage pieces. Or maybe it’s due to the lack of “authentic” garments that prices are higher than in other places. Who knows.

What’s your point of view? Do you find vintage garments and other stuff cheap where your live?

Springtime in Barcelona

Another week passing by, and really looking forward to the weekend and warmer weather!
How’s the week going? Mine is going to be shorter because I have a day off on Friday – just in time for the Riverside Crazy Car Hop -!

Today I am showing you all a shoot I did last week in the city. The weather was incredibly nice and I got to wear for the first time this houndstooth pencil skirt from Bettie Page Clothing. Don’t confuse the brand with Tatyana!

I got this skirt at Goldie’s Clothing 1st Vintage Market, where everyone could buy and sell vintage clothes surrounded by cool people, music and drinks. I decided to style this skirt with my new Voodoo Vixen top from Pinup Girl Clothing. Seriously, the best top ever made! And this skirt is so comfortable that I could wear it all day long! 

Outfit details
Top & Belt – Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt – Bettie Page Clothing
Shoes – BAIT Footwear
Earrings – Desperate beatnik
Bangles – Vintage
Photos by David Durand
Have a lovely week! 
Will update the blog soon with pics from the Riverside Festival xx

A 1950s life with a smartphone

Last month I did a guest post for Hard Headed Women, a blog in spanish about feminism, vintage aesthetics and other stuff. So I decided to post about it in English for my foreign readers!
As someone who dresses and looks like it has stepped out of a movie set, I often get told “to be 100% authentic, you shouldn’t be using a phone”. The other day I read in the news about a british woman who lives in a house from the late 30s and keeps everything as if it still were 1939. I got really annoyed after seeing rude comments of users criticising her. What’s wrong about wanting to live in the past but also being part of the 21st century? 
Personally and Professionally speaking, I love social media, and I’m a daily and avid user of them. I can’t live without Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. And I like to dress vintage inspired because that’s how I want to dress and look like. I hope to live in a midcentury house someday, own a tiki room for myself and hope tht my boyfriend will drive a Cadillac in the future. Does that make me old fashioned and too old to post on social media? Of course not.

Internet has played a key role in my life. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook I found that there were girls that, just like me, are fascinated by past decades and aim to dress like that everyday. The Rockabilly and Vintage Scene is huge thanks to social media and digital groups created to gather enthusiasts from all parts of the world. 

I’m sick of hearing nasty comments about my appearance and the way I use social media. And I’m sure that those of you who have also been told these things have also heard comments regarding feminism. I know that women and other collectives had less rights back in the day, but because I dress like someone from the 1950s that doesn’t make me racist nor sexist. Wish people knew before judging. 

Goldie’s Clothing Spring/Summer 2016

Hello lovelies! It’s been nearly a month since my last blog post.
And today I’m showing you the Goldie’s Clothing Spring Summer 2016 Collection, which was shot a month ago in a beautiful park in Barcelona. Yes, that is Barcelona, although it looks like it’s Mexico or any other exotic place.


All photos were taken by talented photographer and Instagram pal Patricia von Gray, and the whole collection is now available at Goldie’s Clothing website.

Mexican inspired garments, flared skirts, capri pants…Who’s ready for Summer?

All photos by Patricia von Gray.

The Best Rockabilly and Kustom Culture Festivals in Spain

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Today I’ve decided to blog about Rockabilly Festivals in Spain. Some time ago I was asked about the culture here in my country. The Rockabilly and Kustom Culture scene is very popular in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and in Spain as well.
And since in a month or so I’ll be dancing and having fun at the Riverside Crazy Car Hop, here are some of the best festivals in the country. 
(in order of dates)
Rockin’ Race Jamboree: early February in Málaga
Ubangi Somp Festival: mid April in Benidorm
Riverside Crazy Car Hop: late April/early May in Calafell
Screamin’ Rockabilly Weekender: early/mid June in Calella
Psychobilly Meeting: early July in Pineda de Mar
Rustic Oval Weekend: late July in Balaguer
High Rockabilly: early September in Calafell
The scene is really alive in Spain, especially in Catalunya, up north. 5 from above are in the area, so why not consider paying us a visit in the following months? I really can’t wait to attend some of these festivals this 2016. It’s going to be a blast! 
Flea markets, car shows, DJs, live music…The party has just started! 
Photo by Didier Jacquet
Apologies if I have missed any. Feel free to comment your favorites! ❤ 

Awkward Creepy Encounters

Today I start a new series of blog posts about awkward encounters with people that don’t understand my way of life and the way I dress. I’ve entitled them Awkward Creepy Encounters because that’s what I think they are. So get ready to see what I experience on a regular basis.

This just happened to me last Friday, after leaving work just in time to have lunch. I was on my way to a restaurant near my office when I saw a teenager with an adult woman who I suppose was her mother.
Teenager: “Look at her!” – and started laughing and tried to hide with no effort. The adult woman standing next to her stared at me and laughed.
Shortly after that, I asked them if they had any problem with me, with just a “No” as an answer. But they kept laughing, especially the teenager who didn’t even bother to hide it.
 I don’t like how you dress either but I don’t judge you for it nor say it out loud. How rude! – and I left.
Although sadly I am used to being constantly judged on the street by complete strangers, I couldn’t help but get mad at that episode.

Someone who doesn’t teach their kids to respect others’ appearance  clearly is not a good parent. How are we supposed to live in a society whose people laugh at others just by the way they dress, and even say those comments out loud?

I mean everyone has their own opinions about others, and we are constantly judged by the outside. But we should all be respectful and don’t say those nasty things. And what an example that a teen says those things in front of their parents and they don’t even bother to tell her that it is wrong to do so!

This is not the first time that I’ve been told or laughed at for who I am. And I don’t care about others’ opinions of me, but I just don’t understand why women have to tear other women down instead of just respect and empower each other.

I just wanted to write down this episode, and not all awkward creepy encounters are going to be negative. I’ve been approached by complete strangers to compliment me for my looks or even ask me about my style. 

Have a great start of the week and remember to be yourselves!