Midcentury Nostalgia

Summer is the right time to go on vacation. But where?
Whether you have plans to go abroad or just plan on relaxing where you live, I just wanted to share with some inspirational and relaxing pictures from the 50s and early 60s in North America. 

Driving in your Cadillac, passing by avenues packed with palm trees and art deco houses or even having a bath by the sea…These photos instantly transport me to a quiet and warm place. 
Seeing these photos makes me want to visit the States again. I’m thinking on doing a blog post about my experiences there – I think they’d be useful – so expect a bunch of new articles coming up soon! 

And I’m definitely visiting Palm Springs next time I’m there! Looks like paradise to me 🙂
Hope you are all enjoying the month of July. It’s bloody hot in Spain!
Photos from Flickr

Riverside Crazy Car Hop 2016

Hello people!
May is already here, and that means that the Riverside Crazy Car Hop is over. On the last weekend of April I went to this Vintage Cars and Rockabilly Event in Calafell, near Tarragona.
The Riverside Crazy Car Hop is focused on cars before 1965 and also features rockabilly concerts for all attendees. If you missed it but want to go to another festival check my list here.

After Summer Cruising

Hello lovelies!
On Saturday I went to my first vintage car cruise, the Cruisin’ After Summer, which held its 5th edition. It is an event focused on modified and Kustom cars and motorcycles from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
We hit the road at 10AM in the morning and arrived at the restaurant at 1PM. The cruise consisted in approximately 80KM enjoying the views of central Catalonia as well as traveling back in time while on the road with those vintage beauties.
I couldn’t help but fall in love with this stunning Cadillac from the early 50s. Isn’t it beautiful? Gosh, I’d kill to own one like that! My second favorite from the cruise was an Oldsmobile from the 50s as well.
Apart from American Cars, there was also a Volkswagen and other European beauties, as well as  motorcycles.
I am really looking forward to go to other events and meet vintage car enthusiasts, it is really cool!

What I Wore
Skirt from Hell Bunny
Dolores Top from Collectif Clothing
Cardigan from Banned Clothing
Shoes from a local shop in Barcelona
Have a great start of the week, folks! x