Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas

Valentine’s Day is vastly approaching, and whether you are planning a date with your partner or a single ladies’ night out, you need to start planning your outfit in advance so that we all look fabulous on February 14th.  I’ve picked some wonderful garments for you all ladies to get inspiration for that special day.

If you want to look fancy and sexy, the best option is to wear a dress to impress. Cindy Bangs offers a great selection of sexy dresses to style with a pair of heels and a cardigan, like the Lauren dress in red – 78-. If you want something more classic but that will also look gorgeous on every body, go for the Audrey dress – 80€ -. 
And if you are a pin up on a budget, you can always get one of the cute designs from Lindy Bop. They have a huge variety of dresses and designs to choose from! The Vanessa dress – 40€ – in polka dots is perfect for romantic girls, and fits every shape of body to embrace their curves. If you want to look lie a sassy vintage girl, try the Dolores Dress in Cherry Stem – 66, 57€ -. 
Pin Up Girl Clothing offers a great selection of cute skirts (great quality!) which will let you feel like a true pin up from the 1950s. Despite their price, they are the best in the market. Seriously! Once you get one, you’ll want more! A pencil skit is a wardrobe basic in every pin up girl. You can get this one for 68$ in red or just go for a modern twist with one of the many skirts they offer in cute designs. I’ve picked for you the Jenny skirt in Italian landscape – 98$ -, which suits all types of bodies. 
Hope this post helped you all plan your Valentine’s Day outfit! Have a great one x

Jenny January

Hi lovelies! How are you doing? This is my first post of 2015, woo-hoo!

How is the new year treating you all? It’s only been 12 days but I am enjoying it so far. My job at a fashion magazine is going really well: I couldn’t ask for a better job at the moment!

Today I am showing you all my outfit, inspired by the hashtag #JennyJanuary that Miss Amy May, a gorgeous and lovely gal I follow on Instagram, decided to create for this week (12th-18th January). If you own any Pin Up Girl Clothing Jenny skirts or dresses, make sure to post an outfit pic to join the conversation on IG so that other users and fellow Pin Up Girl Clothing fans can see others’ outfit ideas. Sounds fun, huh?

What I Wore

Jersey: H&M
Skirt: PUG
Shoes: Los Angeles
Petticoat: Cindy Bangs
Clutch: vintage Loewe c. 1960s

I styled my Jenny Skirt – which I purchased during the Black Friday sale among with other items – with a basic jersey from H&M and a pair of pink shoes from Los Angeles, a lovely shop in Barcelona specialized in cute designs on shoes.

I promise I won’t take long to show you another outfit!

Much love,


P.S: If you own any Jenny skirts or dresses, join the celebration! x #JennyJanuary

Black Friday on my Etsy shop!

Are you excited for Black Friday?
Ready to spend your savings on beautiful and cute stuff on the net?
Well here’s a treat for you all! I am offering a 15% discount on all the items displayed on my Etsy shop. 
Yes, you’ve read it well. 15% off! 
This promo will be up until Monday December 1st at 1pm (CET), so make sure to hit the site.
Use the code BFRIDAY2014 to benefit from the discount! 
Some items on sale are this beautiful 1960s Loewe Bolero, which is in perfect condition. 

Looking for another type of Bolero? Check this one from the early 1970s. It comes with a matching skirt.

There’s also this beauty, one of my favourites from the shop: a 1960s Cocktail dress with pockets! Sometimes I regret selling it though. I blogged about it some time ago. 

Lazy Sunday

Hello lovelies! 
Today I am sharing with you a beautiful vintage skirt that belonged to my grandmother. It is made of wool in the 1960s, and it is from a local shop in Barcelona where she would often buy clothes from back in the day. 
At first I wanted to sell it on my Etsy shop (which you can visit here) but after talking about it with others I have decided to keep it for myself. 
So how was your Sunday folks? Mine was a bit boring. I haven’t slept well and my head hurts a bit at the moment, plus I have to finish a reportage for tomorrow. I hate deadlines, but that’s what it takes to be a journalist haha. 
You’ll have to excuse the low quality photos, the aim of this post was to show you the beaut I am wearing and I posed in a bit of a rush 😉 Also ignore my weird face above, on Sundays I try not to wear make up. 
Some details:
Top from Zara
Shoes from a local shop

P.S! I blogged about a stunning Cocktail dress from the early 60s that I also kept for myself, but it is now on the shop, so make sure to check it out

Vintage + Feminism: 7 things you need to know

Okay, first of all let me warn you: This is my honest and personal opinion, so if you disagree with it, I would like to hear your point of view. Feedback is important!
Lately I have been asked on several times why I wear like a 1950s/early 1960s young gal being a feminist myself. I’m kind of sick of getting asked about it, so I thought I would write a quick post about feminism and the vintage world. You’ve been warned!
  1. “Those women were treated like shit and had no rights” – some tell me. They are 50% right. My grandmothers lived well and loved their life back in the day. Not all women in the 1950s and 1960s were considered the inferior sex; some worked on their own despite the social pressure and economical difficulties for female workers. Moreover, in my country the situation was waaay worse with the dictatorship and the patriarchy stablished by a bunch of idiots. Working class families struggled to find resources to carry on, and some women had to go out in the streets and sell their bodies. Yes, that was real in downtown Barcelona, and I met brave women who, in the 1960s and 1970s, had to do that in order to earn something for their kids. 
  2. Not all women are evil or sluts. In fact, none of us are. I am sick of hearing shameful comments because of the clothes a woman is wearing. “She’s a slut” or “Look at that virgin” shouldn’t judge us. Who are you to judge me and my privacy? Plus, If you don’t know me, don’t judge me. Got it? 
  3. Virginity. What’s the fuss about it, really? Have you ever thought about what’s the deal with that thing? Do whatever you want with your body, don’t be ashamed to be or not to be, remember that society will always judge you. Just be yourself. On some days I like to wear a long skirt that people consider of a “virgin”, and on other days I wear either a mini or pencil skirt with back seam stockings. All are different looks, but I am the same individual. 
  4. Rape culture. If a woman gets raped of harassed, it’s their fault because, as society says: “She was asking for it”. What the hell, seriously. We are strong individuals, as strong and valid as men, and we can do whatever we want and dress as prude or daring as we want. 
  5. Make up and Lingerie. They are different subjects, I know, but some people tend to associate them with words such as “sex”, “couple”, “boyfriend”, “sexy”. Looks like if you are single and not dating anyone at the moment you are not permitted to buy and wear lingerie. Wear it for yourself and feel proud of who you are. Same thing with cosmetics. I love to get full make up, it really boosts my self esteem, but sometimes I just want to go natural. Doesn’t matter if you are seeing someone or not, do what you want. 
  6. Avoid toxic relationships. If your partner doesn’t feel like you are a strong and independent individual, things might get wrong. Be sure to get away from someone who doesn’t treat you like it should. It might be hard to take a step, but don’t hesitate. 
  7. Be confident all the time. I know it is hard to achieve, ’cause I get a bit depressed every once in a while. I am very sentimental and nostalgic, so I’m used to it though. It’s been +2 years since I started wearing vintage and each day that goes by I feel more confident about me and my body. I must admit I LOVE being stared at  on the street 🙂 
Personally speaking, I love who I am and my style. I have always been passionate about the past and its history, but obviously I do not agree with some ethics and social behaviors that were accepted back then. Society has changed for the better, but there is still a lot to do for us women. Just check HeForShe, the worldwide campaign by the United Nations led by actress Emma Watson.  
I hope you all enjoyed my post, I needed to let this out. If you have more suggestions and tips, feel free to leave a comment!

Pinup Girl Clothing meets American Horror Story: Coven

I don’t know about you, but every October I get pretty excited for Halloween and all the creepy stuff out there. Yes, I nerd a lot about themed styles and parties, and pretend I am going to one although my plans are always the same: staying in.
Anyway, here’s a bit of inspiration from Pinup Girl Clothing. They have just posted a new Lookbook inspired by American Horror Story: Coven, which was set in New Orleans and led by a group of glamorous witches. 
I would definitely wear all these beautiful garments on the night of October, 31st, they look amazingly gorgeous on the models. 
Have a great week x
P.S. Also, stay tuned on my Facebook and IG accounts. I will list more items on my Etsy shop soon! 

Leopard print outfit + £5 Etsy voucher!

Hello dears, I haven’t done an outfit post in months. A decent one, I mean. Photos taken with my iPhone don’t count as one, haha. So you’ll have to excuse the low quality of the pics again, sorry!
I’m sharing with you the outfit I wore the other day for a friends birthday party in downtown Barcelona. We went out for dinner, grabbed a few drinks and then went to a disco. I didn’t enjoy the music played there, but at least I laughed a bit with my pals.
I must admit I love how my hair turned out, doesn’t it look great? I feel I have finally found the perfect style for myself: the 1950s pin up look. Although I’ve always been a Soul girl and since I was a little girl I got into the Mod scene (thanks Dad!), I feel more comfortable embracing the 50s look. Well, to be honest I also took inspiration from my one of my Classic Hollywood favourites, the stunning Joan Crawford pictured below in the 1930s. I love how she rocked the vamp look.

By the way, If you are looking for cool garments or stuff online, make sure to benefit from this £5 Etsy voucher off your first purchase! Yes, it is a discount for those of you who have never bought on Etsy before! So if you are a newbie…go for it! Etsy is an online platform to buy and sell, specialised in vintage and handmade items.

Good luck! & remember I’m selling some vintage beauties on my Etsy shop. Com say hi!

Bathing Beauties: the 60s are here!

Last post of my Bathing Beauties series: the 60s! 
Last weekend of August, gosh! 
It’s quite hot in here, though, so beach season is not over yet where I live. 
The 60s were the years of the bikini. It was a huge success from the very first moment it came out. Women would no longer have to cover all their bodies and could sunbath more effectively. Being tanned would soon become hip, especially in the mid 60s and early 70s.
Probably the most famous shot from the James Bond series in the 60s is the iconic pic of Ursula Andress on a white bikini. 
In the States, young people in the East Coast were often seen with surf boards and riding vans, which later would become part of the hippie movement.
Enjoy the pics!

She’s a Lady

I have been busy with personal issues and I have decided to move the shop opening to next month. Things have changed drastically in my life and I am a bit uncertain about the future. 
Anyway…Don’t worry! I will open the shop and keep up with the blog. 
The other day, while looking for garments suitable for the shop, I came across a beautiful dress that I was intending to sell. Not anymore ’cause it is so gorgeous that I had to keep it!

It is a late 50s/early 60s dress from a Spanish designer in perfect condition and has pockets!

I was so excited to keep it that I had to get some photographs on it. Excuse the bad quality photos, but I had to take that opportunity to get pictured with my “new” hair! 
All shots taken in my grandma’s flat, which, as you can see, is like being in a Film set. 

Have a lovely week, folks!

SALE Favourites

Autumn is around the corner! Have you taken advantage of the SUMMER SALE that is going on around the net?
The other day I snapped a lovely cardigan from BANNED Clothing for under 30€, which is very cheap compared to the price they have in shops in my city. That’s why I always try to buy online, there are lots of discounts and deals!
I have searched a bit on the net and came across beautiful garments which now are at reduced prices. I wish I could grab them all, but I need to save money for my future plans. Moreover, all the items I like are out of stock in my size 😦
These two Hell Bunny cardigans placed above are to die for! I am absolutely in love with the birdcage cardigan in pink, but unfortunately my size is out of stock. They are £22 each at Audrey Stars Boutique, so make sure to visit their shop!

One of my all time favourite clothing lines, Collectif, is also having a sale on their website. They have tons of dresses, tops and cardigans at reduced prices, like these two beauties. Lindy Bop is also having a huge sale, with many types of dresses and skirts to choose from. Dresses at £22.99…What else can we say?

Collectif Reno Summer Western shirt (21.90€)

Collectif Jo Cardigan (24.50€)

Lindy Bop Eloise Red Tartan Pencil Dress (£22.99)
Lindy Bop Concetta Wiggle Dress (£26.99)
Plus check this beauty from Trollied Dolly. Isn’t it cute?