Vintage Illustrators: Lynn Buckham

New year, and back in action with my Vintage Illustrators series, which you my followers and readers seem to enjoy ūüėČ
Today’s illustrator is Lynn Buckham (1918 – 1982), known for his work for the advertising industry in the 50s and 60s. Even before that, but his golden years were during the 50s.

His illustrations often portrayed elegant women, also accompanied by men in their suits. His art reminds me a lot of Mad Men – a tv show that you should all see! -.

He even created illustrations for important companies such as Pepsi. This one’s from the 1950s.¬†
I have to admit that he is, along with Robert Maguire, one of my favorite vintage illustrators of all time. Oh, and I found my doppelgänger in one of his creations! 

Hope you liked this post. Soon I’ll show you another artist!¬†

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