Review: What Katie Did suspender belt

I have wanted to do this blog post for a while now, and I think it’s time to get on it! Some months ago I purchased my first What Katie Did item. After wanting to get one for a long long long time, I finally decided to give it a try. Thanks to Instagram, where I follow a bunch of nice and stylish ladies, I got the chance to get a brand new Maitresse Suspender Belt at good price. 
So here comes my review! 
Sizing: Since all their items are made inspired in vintage lingerie and made of vintage garments, the sizing is quite stretchy. Just make sure to order your correct size according to your measurements and there will be no worries! This suspender belt has to go stretched on your hips, so if you are torn between two sizes, grab the smallest! 
Material: Made of vintage style satin, this suspender (or garter belt) is to die for. It embraces your curves and it feels like you’re wearing nothing, it is super comfortable! 
Styling: Designed with 2 extra straps, this glamorous item is a must for vintage ladies. I style it with some stockings (the ones sold at H&M go well and are super cheap) and a pencil skirt, or even a long 1940s swing skirt. The longer the skirt is, the sexier I feel when uncovering “my surprise” 😀 That’s my personal motto in terms of style: “Stay classy outside and be sassy inside”.
After rating this beauty with a 5 out of 5, I am really looking forward to purchase more items from WKD. Have you seen their bullet bras and corsets? Take a look here
Do you have anything from What Katie Did? Or If you haven’t, what would you get from them? 

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