Wear your brooches with Magnapin!

As an avid vintage enthusiast I have the urge to expand my accessories collection. Brooches are a vintage girl’s basic in her wardrobe, and lately I’ve been adding new designs to my small collection.

Wearing a brooch also means getting worried about fine pieces of clothes you wear. Until now, I would usually wear my brooches with low cost tops, but thanks to MagnaPin now I don’t need to worry about putting holes on clothes.

MagnaPin was invented in the United States and can be bought on their official website as well as on Erstwilder or TopVintage. I’d definitely recommend it if, like me, you have an addiction with brooches!

MagnaPin consists of two magnetic bands that you simply attach on every piece of clothing you want, even leather and suede!

I bought it for 19, 95€, a pretty good price if you think of how many times you are going to use it as well as avoid creating holes on my favorite dresses.


I’m wearing a Tatyana shirt, Desperate Beatnik hoops and Deer Arrow brooch. Guess I’m really excited for Spring right? Get your MagnaPin now!

Have a lovely day xx

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