Don’t Let Others Tear You Down

Being a fashion and lifestyle blogger has led me to meet incredibly talented people behind brands and companies from all over the world. I really appreciate having the opportunity to offer my readers and followers the chance to discover new brands and designs that think fit my style. It’s very rewarding! But recently I was mocked by a vintage reproduction company named La Veintinueve.

At first I didn’t want to share my experience as I thought maybe it was all on my mind. But no. I have to tell my story to prevent other people suffering from the same behaviour. 

I had known about their designs for a couple of years and I thought that, given the fact that they’ve worked with vintage bloggers from Europe, it would be good to introduce myself since they are based in my country. I emailed them and shortly after I got a reply inviting me to meet them.

It all felt so strange. It all looked more like a job interview rather than an informal meeting to talk about possible collaborations. I mean, we did talk about PR and Communication actions but they pointed out: “You don’t have enough followers. Why only 4k? Other bloggers have a larger audience than you”; “We are looking for high experienced models. Do you have any modelling experience?”. They constantly boasted about their success, bloggers they had just met and marketing strategies. When I told them about my professional career they showed interest in me.

FYI: I’m currently working as a Social Media Strategist for an Advertising Company, I’ve worked (and still work) as a Journalist and I’ve got experience in Fashion/Beauty PR and Communications. I’m not an outsider.

I don’t want to enter to give more details discussed in the meeting as I think this really sums up what happened. But I’d like to point out that, to me, it’s essential to be respectful with everyone no matter their style, age, size, race and follower count. I was raised with this idea and I think everyone should follow it. Moreover, if you are a brand and receive an offer you don’t feel comfortable with, please don’t use your power to publicly mock others. I attached my stats and info so they obviously saw my social media profiles. It’s better to write that you are not interested and keep it cool. It’s not okay to think you’re better because you run a company.

They also asked me to email them with possible strategic actions I could get involved in. “We need to see what you offer us first”. As If they hadn’t seen my first email. Basically, they wanted me to do the homework for them. As you can imagine I didn’t give them that information.

After the meeting and as soon as I got home, I messaged them to thank them for their time. No response. It’s unacceptable for a brand to treat others like that. I know there’s bad behaviour and rudeness everywhere, but that is not okay. NEVER.

Guess what? I’m not the only one who was mocked by them. Johanna contacted La Veintinueve some years ago to offer them the possibility to collaborate with her Vintage Inspired Jewellery brand Faraway Handcrafted.

*For those who don’t know about her designs, Faraway Handcrafted creates handmade and unique pieces inspired in midcentury designs.

They told her in a rude way that they were already selling vintage inspired jewellery, which according to Johanna seemed of very low quality. “They made me feel that my work wasn’t good enough”. She now ships anywhere in the world and has a large group of followers and loyal clients.

And now it’s all up to you. Doesn’t matter if you believe us or not, but please think what would you do if you were in my position. All I know is that I will no longer support this brand because they clearly have only one thing in mind: sell without values.

That being said, I want to focus on more positive things in 2018 just like I already said in my previous blog post. Now I feel stronger than ever and I’m grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful group of loving and caring people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stay positive!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Others Tear You Down

  1. I’ve had similar experiences with brands, but thankfully most have been polite about it! Don’t let them get you down. You don’t want to work with idiots anyway, and one of the joys of working for yourself is that you don’t have to! Xxx


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