10 things I’ve learnt during lockdown

What a crazy year 2020 is, right? First of all, I hope you and your loves ones are all well. No one expected to experience a global pandemic!
Since Spain announced complete lockdown in early March, I’ve been working from home since then. A lot of us have taken this time indoors to learn new things, get creative or even isolate from others. So here’s a list of what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months:

  1. Start a Master’s Degree
    Who would have thought, in January, that I would have to study at home because of a global pandemic. In early 2020 I applied for a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing. And since the lockdown started, I’ve been able to fully focus on my studies. Yay!
  2. Learn new hairstyles
    One can get bored easily at home. So I started experimenting with hair and managed to learn how to do easy 1940s ‘dos! In addition, many vintage hairstylists such as His Vintage Touch offered free classes on IG live.
  3. Film hair tutorials
    As well as learning new hair techniques, I also decided to post a hair tutorial on my Youtube channel. Make sure to watch it if you want to see how easy a Pageboy can be!
  4. Online challenges can be good for your social media channels
    Pass the Brush, Pass the Hairspray, Pass the flower...
    Instagram experienced a boom in these type of challenges to make the lockdown more entertaining.
  5. Decorate my apartment
    Although I moved to my new place in November, I had been saving up for a trip to the US in April. But due to the pandemic we had to cancel everything so we decided to spend the money on furniture and decor for our place instead. I can’t wait to show you my home as soon as I have it all arranged!
  6. Become a pro bidder on eBay
    I never thought eBay would have so many vintage stuff for sale. During the lockdown I’ve scored some great vintage pieces. I even had to set my alarm at 5AM to win an auction! Bidding can be fun but it’s definitely stressful.
  7. Learn how TikTok works
    At first I didn’t get the TikTok craze during the start of lockdown, but last month I decided to give it a try. And although Instagram will always be my favourite, I find it interesting to see how creative people can get with video content. You can find me there as Miss Sixties Twist. 
  8. Play The Sims 4
    I’ve always loved to play videogames. The lockdown made me rediscover The Sims 4 and I even bought a new expansion!
  9. Plan my next trips
    I had two trip planned for 2020. Although I’m still waiting for my flight refunds, I am determined to resume these trips as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I’ve been adding more top places to visit during my holidays.
  10. We need to support small businesses
    I’ve alway advocated for local and small shopping. But now, these businesses need us more than ever, That’s why I’ve recently made the effort to rediscover my city and my local companies. Instagram can be a great tool to discover more sustainable brands too.

What have you been doing during lockdown? Tell me in the comments!

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