Miss Sixties Twist around the world: London

Last week I had the opportunity to visit London for a quick break. In fact, I decided with my friend @ginnyfromthepast that it would be fun to go shopping there. And it’s been an amazing trip!
We both visited some of our favourite shops, a secret 1940s inspired cocktail bar and many, many other things worth a visit if you’re there.

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Why is Vintage so overpriced in Spain?


One of my favorite things of going abroad or on holiday outside Spain is to look for vintage and antiques shops in the area I am visiting.
Although vintage is nowadays very popular in my country, especially in Barcelona, there’s something that has always caught my eye: the prices.

Yes, it might seem unnoticeable to you, but I’ve found that prices for second hand garments and other stuff here is quite high. Moreover, most of the things you can find at a vintage shop date from the 80s or 90s. We also have great vintage furniture shops in the city, with original furniture dating from the 60s and 70s. I really understand the prices in that case, although in the States it is easier to find cheaper prices. Check El Recibidor en Barcelona for great quality pieces for your home. 

Nevertheless I will be posting a list of my favourite vintage shops in Barcelona soon so that you can all check them out. Sometimes you can find bargains and really good clothes!

One of the things I always do when I visit the States – the paradise for vintage lovers – is keep a lot of space for the things I’ll shop during my trip. Below you can find me swooning over the many antiques and vintage garments at Playclothes, one of the best second hand shops in Burbank, California. 

Why are prices so high here in Spain despite the ” bad quality” of the clothes, which date from the 80s or 90s? Last week I found cheaper prices at the Screamin’ Festival flea market, where everyone could sell stuff there. And some garments were from the 60s and in perfect condition! I’ve always found that vintage shops here in my country are more interested in business rather than keeping and finding new owners to vintage pieces. Or maybe it’s due to the lack of “authentic” garments that prices are higher than in other places. Who knows.

What’s your point of view? Do you find vintage garments and other stuff cheap where your live?

Crazy for Tiki

Summer calls for floral dresses, playsuits and hair flowers. And that’s what I’ve done recently. Last week I attended the 080 Barcelona Fashion, also known as the Barcelona Fashion Week. And it’s been an exhausting week, working non stop during and after the runways. And on Saturday I decided to wear this amazing original playsuit from the 1960s I bought in New Orleans nearly 2 years ago. 

I styled it with my new tiki inspired earrings and hair flowers from Goldie’s Clothing, along with some bamboo bangles I purchased from Audrey Star’s Boutique.
The thing is, that these accessories match really well with one of my favorite summer essential, this lovely dress from Collectif Clothing. Its atomic/tiki print is so cool, don’t you think?
Quick blog post to update you all with my life and outfits! 😉
Don’t worry, I’ll do more soon! xx
Photography from David Durand and Oriol Alella

Bad Girl Vibes

Gosh, 2015 is flying by very fast, don’t you think? I seriously can’t believe we are already in June. Less than 6 months to say goodbye to the year. And it’s also been 6 months since I got a job at a Fashion & Lifestyle magazine. Today I am sharing with you all an outfit perfect either to rock your inner rockabella and to wear to work. 

Yesterday I went out for a stroll in the park, and decided to rock my inner bad girl. The weather was hot and a bit cloudy, perfect to take few snaps for the blog. I am wearing the Dior shirt in leopard print from Goldies Clothing – formerly known as Cindy Bangs -, which is such a great garment to pair with a pencil skirt. Inspired by the New Look from the late 1940s, goes very well with my Zara pencil skirt. Since I’ve lost weight in the past months, I’ll have to stretch both garments a bit!
Anyway, I hope you all like the pics. Oh, and might do a blog post about how to wear pin up style garments to the office with style! 😉 This shirt is very classy and sophisticated, and embraces my curves very well.

Hope you liked my post, gals and guys! 
Photography from David Durand
I will keep you updated soon with new reviews coming up x

Problems that only vintage girls will understand

Lately I’ve been thinking on many aspects of dealing with a vintage life in the modern world. And while I’ve been getting more involved in the scene and got to know more vintage ladies like me, I’ve come to discover than many of us vintage ladies happen to experience several problems related with our lifestyle. So that’s why I’ve done this quick and short list with some of the most common problems for vintage gals out there. 

You never have too many dresses. NEVER. Your obsession to buy more clothes and accessorize is not understood by other people.

Finding the perfect shoes seems impossible. But when you find them, you’d wear these beauties even on your pajamas.

You seem to have a problem with stockings. They don’t last longer than a year. I guess it’s because I wear them very often…
Dressing up for no reason is your daily motto. And you feel everyone’s eyes on you: doesn’t matter where you go, everyone seems to study your whole outfit.

You’ve been told at least once “how bad were things for women back in the day”, as if you agreed with these conditions just because you wear like someone from those days. We know how were conditions back in the day. Mad Men accurately reflects it. 
You are always on the hunt for lingerie bargains, and dream of owning the whole collection by Dita von Teese. If you don’t already own a thing. 

What do you think? Miss any problem you experience as a vintage lady? Feel free to comment and I will include it! 

    Between Palm Trees and Old Streets

    At this time I’m sure you all know that I’ve had the opportunity to model for Cindy Bangs, a brand from Barcelona that designs amazing vintage retro pieces for modern pin up girls and vintage enthusiasts. Well, here are some new pics from a shoot I did for them a couple of weeks ago. I have to tell you that their new styles for Spring/Summer are to die for! 

    Blue is such a great color for this time of the year. And this design is perfect to wear to a wedding, party or any other fancy occasion! 

     A good pair of capris is a pin up girl’s best item for Spring/Summer, don’t you think? I am in love with the Lizzy capris in white. I used to dislike this color on me because I felt I looked horrible wearing it, but I am absolutely in love with these photos! Oh, and they have tiny polkadots!

    Oh, and guess what? I am wearing shorts again… 😉

    Loving how my hair looks here ❤

    All photographs were taken by Beatriz Diaz, she’s an amazing photographer!
    Hope you like these new styles, they are gorgeous! xx

    The Look of Love

    I know, I know. I haven’t done an outfit post in ages. But here’s one that will make you fall in love even more with Pin Up Girl Clothing.
    One of my all time favourite skirts is the Jenny skirt in harlequin, which matches perfectly with many colours. Last weekend I went to a Kustom Culture Event near Barcelona, the Speedfest Festival, where I had the opportunity to be near vintage cars from the 50s and the 60s, two of my favourite decades. And I channeled my inner 1950s housewife look, which drew the attention of many attendees and photographers.

    Oh, and how cool is my Chevy brooch by Deer Arrow? I got many compliments at the event! 

    What I’m Wearing:
    T-shirt is thrifted
    Belt from Mango
    Brooch from Deer Arrow
    Petticoat from Cindy Bangs
    Cardigan from Banned Clothing
    Shoes from Los Angeles Shop
    Bag is vintage

    All pics taken by the most amazing photographer I know ❤

    I hope you have a great weekend with your loved ones! 

    Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas

    Valentine’s Day is vastly approaching, and whether you are planning a date with your partner or a single ladies’ night out, you need to start planning your outfit in advance so that we all look fabulous on February 14th.  I’ve picked some wonderful garments for you all ladies to get inspiration for that special day.

    If you want to look fancy and sexy, the best option is to wear a dress to impress. Cindy Bangs offers a great selection of sexy dresses to style with a pair of heels and a cardigan, like the Lauren dress in red – 78-. If you want something more classic but that will also look gorgeous on every body, go for the Audrey dress – 80€ -. 
    And if you are a pin up on a budget, you can always get one of the cute designs from Lindy Bop. They have a huge variety of dresses and designs to choose from! The Vanessa dress – 40€ – in polka dots is perfect for romantic girls, and fits every shape of body to embrace their curves. If you want to look lie a sassy vintage girl, try the Dolores Dress in Cherry Stem – 66, 57€ -. 
    Pin Up Girl Clothing offers a great selection of cute skirts (great quality!) which will let you feel like a true pin up from the 1950s. Despite their price, they are the best in the market. Seriously! Once you get one, you’ll want more! A pencil skit is a wardrobe basic in every pin up girl. You can get this one for 68$ in red or just go for a modern twist with one of the many skirts they offer in cute designs. I’ve picked for you the Jenny skirt in Italian landscape – 98$ -, which suits all types of bodies. 
    Hope this post helped you all plan your Valentine’s Day outfit! Have a great one x

    Jenny January

    Hi lovelies! How are you doing? This is my first post of 2015, woo-hoo!

    How is the new year treating you all? It’s only been 12 days but I am enjoying it so far. My job at a fashion magazine is going really well: I couldn’t ask for a better job at the moment!

    Today I am showing you all my outfit, inspired by the hashtag #JennyJanuary that Miss Amy May, a gorgeous and lovely gal I follow on Instagram, decided to create for this week (12th-18th January). If you own any Pin Up Girl Clothing Jenny skirts or dresses, make sure to post an outfit pic to join the conversation on IG so that other users and fellow Pin Up Girl Clothing fans can see others’ outfit ideas. Sounds fun, huh?

    What I Wore

    Jersey: H&M
    Skirt: PUG
    Shoes: Los Angeles
    Petticoat: Cindy Bangs
    Clutch: vintage Loewe c. 1960s

    I styled my Jenny Skirt – which I purchased during the Black Friday sale among with other items – with a basic jersey from H&M and a pair of pink shoes from Los Angeles, a lovely shop in Barcelona specialized in cute designs on shoes.

    I promise I won’t take long to show you another outfit!

    Much love,


    P.S: If you own any Jenny skirts or dresses, join the celebration! x #JennyJanuary